Famia Mercius is an Imperial member of the Cyrodilic Collections. She has a sister, Concordia Mercius.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Sunken Treasure[edit | edit source]

Famia recruits the Vestige to accompany her and three other mercenaries on an expedition into the ancient Argonian ruins of Ixtaxh Xanmeer.

Missing in Murkmire[edit | edit source]


Whispers in the Wood[edit | edit source]


Death and Dreaming[edit | edit source]


The Swamp and the Serpent[edit | edit source]


The Remnant of Argon[edit | edit source]


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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Sunken Treasure

"Hello there! Always a pleasure to see a new face. Welcome to Lilmoth, the festering jewel of Black Marsh. Argonian words, not mine. Doesn't strike me as all that fester-y. But I digress. How would you like to join an exciting expedition?"

What kind of expedition? "Oh, the most worthy kind of expedition – a journey into the distant past! Not the literal past, I mean. That would be crazy. We're exploring one of the Argonians' ancient xanmeer pyramids to find a priceless relic: The Kajin-Jat Crystal!"
Why do you want this crystal? "To preserve it for future generations, of course! So much of the Argonians' unique history has been lost. With your help, we can pull this antiquity out of the mud and share it with the world! Discovery! Adventure! What could be better?"
All right, I'll join your expedition. "You've made a great choice in joining us, friend! The other members of our expedition have already gathered near the western gate. I'll be along shortly - just need to check on a few things. This is exciting, right?"
So, who are you exactly? "Oh dear! Where are my manners? I apologize. My name is Famia Mercius… or Famia "Speaks-With-Round-Tongue" to the locals. I'm Cyrodilic Collections' chief antiquarian here in Murkmire."
Nice to meet you. I worked with your sister Concordia in Shadowfen. "Oh! So you're that adventurer she mentioned in her letters. What a welcome coincidence! Concordia has been invaluable to the effort. One day I'll finally convince her to visit."
Cyrodilic Collections? What's that? "Cyrodilic Collections is a fellowship of historians dedicated to recovering Argonian antiquities. But unlike other treasure hunters, we don't sell relics for profit. We plan to build a musueum here to share Murkmire's treasures with the world!"
How long have you lived here in Murkmire? "Just over three years at this point. I'll admit, it takes some getting used to, but once you-ow! Sorry. Once you settle in, you'll never want to leave!"
What can you tell me about this xanmeer pyramid? (I bet. Now, what can you tell me about this xanmeer pyramid?) "Doing your research, eh? Excellent! The local Argonians call it Ixtaxh-Thitithil-Meht - literally the exact egg-cracker. Evocative, right? We just call it the Ixtaxh Xanmeer. I have it on good authority that we'll find the Kajin-Jat Crystal inside."
What's special about this crystal? "Apparently, it was vital to some kind of ritual. But that could mean practically anything. According to my research, ancient Argonians performed rituals constantly – large and small. Even so, this crystal clearly deserves a place in our collection!"
Will we find anything else inside the xanmeer? "Oh, most certainly! Jewelry, idols, who knows? We sell some of these more common items to private collectors – not for a profit, mind you! Just enough to keep the operation afloat."
And the locals don't mind? "For the most part? No, they don't. The Argonians here in Murkmire … they don't see things the way we do. When we first arrived, I tried to include the locals in our work – to get their blessing, you know?"
How did that go? "Fine, I guess? The truth is, the Argonians just don't care about their history all that much. They live in the now. Past, future, … those concepts are totally foreign to them. Once our museum is finished though, I'm sure they'll take an interest!"
Any tips for a newcomer? "Well, I do know a little something about how to get along here in Murkmire. The first thing I'd suggest is making connections with the local tribes – the Wasseek-Haleel in particular."
The Wasseek-Haleel? Who are they? "Sorry, I slip into Jel sometimes – the Argonian tongue. The locals say I'm a natural! Anyway, the Wasseek-Haleel are also called the Bright-Throats. They're quite friendly. Artisans mostly. Clever traders, too. Very good friends to have in a pinch."
Thanks for the advice. Any tribes I should watch out for? "Most of the Murkwater tribes are cagey, but polite. There is one tribe I'd avoid though – the Dead-Water tribe, or the Naga-Kur. They're Nagas – a strange breed of Argonians with a very prickly disposition. They don't like outsiders. Not one bit."

When she arrives at the Western Gate:

"So you found our fellow travelers? Excellent! I think we've almost ready to depart. There is one thing I need your help with before we begin our adventure in earnest, though."

What's that? "The ancient Argonians locked the xanmeer up tight—and not just with metal locks. They infused the stone with sun-magic. I won't pretend to understand how it works, but I do know that without a potent magical focus, the door won't budge."
Where can we find a potent magical focus? "I'm glad you asked! There are flecks of yellow glass scattered all over Murkmire. We call them vakka stones, and each one contains a bit of ancient magicka. Put enough of them together and you can activate all sorts of things. Things like doors."
So, where are these vakka stones? "Out in the marsh, I'm afraid. I sent a few of my best people to gather the stones for me and agreed to meet them later. With your help, it shouldn't take long. Can I count on you to accompany me?"
All right, we'll go meet up with your associates and gather these stones.

After talking to Xukas:

"I just need to take a moment to speak to Xukas about Eshraf and Dinia. Hopefully he knows something, or knows someone who does. In the meantime, why don't you head to the xanmeer. It's just east of here. I'll meet you there as soon as I can."

All right. You don't need me to escort you any further? "I'll be fine! If anything threatens us, Xukas will take care of it. This business with Eshraf and Dinia has me worried. I'm hoping Xukas can find out if anyone's seen them. Oh, before you leave, could you give me those vakka stones and the sword?"
Sure. Here's everything I found. Be seeing you.

After activating the trap:

"Stendarr bless it, Famia! You never pull a bijum-release! You push! Always push! I'm dreadfully sorry. But don't despair! I mean, clearly, this isn't an ideal start. But in the grand scheme of things, falling into a pit is a fairly minor setback."

What do you think happened to the others? "Like Zadaza said, they must have fallen into different chambers. I'm sure we'll find them deeper inside the xanmeer. Honestly, I've seen this sort of thing many times before—the fall-away floors and chutes and such. Very common."
So you've triggered traps like this before? "Well every great explorer has triggered a trap or two. At least no one was set on fire! Well … I mean, I hope no one was set on fire. No, no, no, I'm certain Kirstaleth and Varo are just fine. Now, we have a priceless crystal to find, right?"

When Kirstaleth is found:

"I'll stay here and try to keep Kirstaleth calm. I'm shouting, aren't I? I'm sorry! Just find that flint vine, all right? We'll need quite a bit to reach her."

What is flint vine, exactly? "Ah, I probably should have been more specific. Flint vine is a hardy creeper that grows in caves—or poorly-lit xanmeers, as the case may be. Strong stuff. Definitely strong enough to bear Kirstaleth's weight."
And you think we can fashion a ladder out of it? "Yes, I believe so. For a single use, mind you! Did I mention I'm terrible at knots? Don't tell Kirstaleth I said that. You should have no problem finding enough flint vine for the ladder. Just mind the traps, and beasts, and such. Good luck!"

After talking to Xukas:

"That Xukas is always so polite. I don't know where I'd be without him. Despite the mishaps, we have the Kajin-Jat Crystal—thanks in no small part to your contributions. Cause for at least modest celebration, right?"

Do all your expeditions go this poorly? "No, of course not! Though, some have gone worse …. Anyway, we shouldn't dwell on the missteps and bungles! Need I remind you that we recovered the Kajin-Jat Crystal? An item of immeasurable historical import!"
I'm happy for you. Now, you mentioned payment? "Yes, well … I had hoped to discuss that in private. Provided this little misadventure hasn't driven you from the business completely, I'd like to bring you on for another task. Let me settle up here, then I'll meet you in my office in Lilmoth."
All right. I'll meet you there.

Back in Lilmoth:

"You're here! Excellent! Welcome to the headquarters of Cyrodilic Collections. Now, we have business to discuss, right? I hope our experience in the xanmeer hasn't put you off adventuring for good."

You mentioned another job for me? "Yes, yes, we'll get to that. But first, payment for services rendered! You helped me recover the Kajin-Jat Crystal and saved the entire expedition many times over. Without you, we'd certainly be dead. Please, take this payment with my compliments." ("Yes, yes, we'll get to that. But first, payment for services rendered! You helped me recover the Kajin-Jat Crystal and recovered three Argonian treasures besides! Peerless work, my friend. Peerless! Please, take this payment with my compliments.")
Show: Missing in Murkmire

"Now then, are you ready to discuss my offer? I certainly hope so! I honestly don't know what I'll do if you turn me down. It's grave business, you know? Not trying to apply undue pressure or anything … but, yes. Serious business."

What do you need me to do? "It's my missing companions, Eshraf and Dinia—the explorers whose bags we found out in the marsh. Remember? I told you I sent them to recover vakka stones, but that wasn't all they were looking for. They were looking for the Remnant of Argon."
The Remnant of Argon? What's that? "A legend. Some say it's a massive gem. Others a magical egg. Either way, I fear Eshraf and Dinia's disappearance is linked to their search. Xukas agreed to look into it, and it seems he's found something. Could you speak with him?"
All right, I'll meet with Xukas and find out what he knows. Where can I find him? "Xukas's message said to meet him at the teeba-enoo field in Alten Meerhleel. Teeba-enoo's a local sport. I've no idea how it's played. There's a ball involved, I know that. I'm babbling. Sorry! I do this when I'm nervous. Please, be careful!"
You really think Xukas can help find your missing friends? (Do you really think Xukas can help find your missing friends?) "Oh, certainly! Xukas enjoys friendly relationships with practically everyone… even the Nagas. Some of Lilmoth's investors see him as a bit of a swindler, but that's rooted in their ignorance of Argonian culture more than anything else."
Who are the Nagas? "The Nagas are a breed of Argonians. I guess breed is the term? Sounds a bit offensive, doesn't it? Oh dear. Let's just say they're a different kind of Argonian. The Dead-Water tribe is a Naga group, but tribeless Nagas wander all over Murkmire."
This Dead-Water tribe—they're hostile? "Hostile? Well, I mean … they're certainly aggressive. But hostile has all kinds of connotations I'd rather avoid. What matters is they react with violence to practically any intrusion. For instance, they abducted me once about a year ago."
What happened? "Well, one of my expeditions took a brief detour into Dead-Water territory. They took us as hostages almost immediately. I tried to impress upon them my deep love and admiration for Argonian culture …."
How did they react? "They broke my arm in three places, tied me to a raft, and sent me head-first down Hukep Falls. Luckily, I'm a strong swimmer! I'm casting them in a very poor light. Honestly, if you can see past the idle cruelty, they're really quite pleasant."
Tell me more about this Remnant of Argon. "Honestly, I'm …. Are you sure you want me to bring you into this? Eshraf and Dinia only knew its name, and now they've probably been kidnapped!"
I can handle myself. Tell me. "Very well. As I said, no one really knows what the Remnant is, but it's just … it's just everywhere. Tree-minders whisper about it when they think no one's listening. It's tucked away in poems and songs. It's always there. Just below the surface."
If it's everywhere, how is it a secret? "Like I said, people think it's just a legend, so they ignore it. But once serious scholars like us start asking questions—start making those first quiet discoveries—”all the opportunists crawl out of their holes to take their nibbles."
If it does exist, do you have any idea what it is? "All the folktales imply that the Remnant shares a deep connection with the Hist, but the rest is pretty murky. Songs about the Remnant almost always end with a hero plucking it from the roots of a tree and ushering in a new golden age. Others …."
Others what? "Well, some of the songs end with an unworthy snake swallowing the Remnant and turning into a hideous giant that ravages the land for one hundred seasons.

So, keep an eye out for snakes?"

After learning that the Blackguards have been kidnapping Famia's friends:

"You're back! Excellent! Did you find Xukas? Any word on my missing explorers?"

We haven't found your friends yet, but we believe they were abducted by the Blackguards. "Blackguards? Ooh, those ill-mannered brutes are the worst kind of trouble! I have more unwelcome news. Our companions, Zadaza and Kirstaleth, have also gone missing! Zadaza went to conduct her own investigation. Kirstaleth decided to tag along."
We'll find them. Xukas thinks we might be able to get more information from the Dead-Water tribe. "Really? I can't imagine that they'd be enthusiastic about helping us, but I suppose Xukas would know best.\n\nBefore you go, would you mind sharing what you've learned with someone else? Cyrodilic Collections' primary benefactor is just upstairs."
Your benefactor? "Goodness, I never even mentioned her before did I? Her name is Kassandra—a wealthy antiquarian of great renown! She's been an invaluable partner. Just like you! If you'll just follow me upstairs, I'll— Oh, wait. Here she is now!"

After freeing the prisoners and learning about Blackguards' intentions:

"You're back! Fabulous! Some of my missing friends already tracked me down, telling tales of a daring, fiery rescue. Marvelous! What happened out there?"

The Blackguards kidnapped your friends. A Dead-Water warrior named Jaxsik-Orrn helped me free them. "So the Dead-Water tribe helped you after all? What a fascinating development. Between your heroism and Jaxsik-Orrn's raw strength, I'm sure you showed those brutes what for! I hesitate to ask, but what did the Blackguards learn about the Remnant?"
Enough, I'm sure. We should assume they know everything you know. "Well then, there's not a moment to lose! We will redouble our efforts! We cannot allow those thugs to claim something as valuable as the Remnant. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We should probably discuss this matter with Kassandra."
Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn seemed very reluctant to discuss the Remnant. "No surprise there. Even so, they must understand we only mean to help! Xukas knows my motives are pure, and this Dead-Water warrior proved she's willing to collaborate when the situation requires it.

We'll win them over, I'm sure of it."

Show: Whispers in the Wood

"Well, you certainly have a spring in your step. Your work with the Bright-Throats went well, I take it? Splendid!"

We've made some progress, yes. Where's Kassandra? "Following another lead on the Remnant. Or, a potential lead. Someone she worked with before she started funding Cyrodilic Collections? I don't know much more. She asked me to tell you to join them when I saw you. So, I suppose you should do that!"
Join them where, exactly? "West of here, near that spooky prison. Honestly, I missed most of it. Too preoccupied by her bodyguard. Something about how he looks at me … gives me the shivers, you know? But we have better things to discuss. What did you learn with Xukas?"
A riddle. "Smoke of stars to see what once was seen, sunless sap to hear what once was heard." "Hmm. Ritual Argonian poetry. The words are common, but the meter is all wrong. There's more to it. Missing verses, perhaps? Truthfully, Kassandra is the authority on that sort of thing. You should set out. I'll try to dig up a few relevant texts."
I'll go meet up with Kassandra.

Talking to her again:

"Smoke and sunless sap …. Strange that the Bright-Throats' Hist would speak in such dour terms. Maybe it describes some dark age? The Alessian incursion of the First Era? Or perhaps a dark age yet to come …. Egads. Let's hope it's not that."

Why did Kassandra hire that bodyguard? Whiptail, right? "I wish I knew! He's just the worst, right? She hired him maybe six months ago? I don't think Kassandra's ever received a credible threat to her life. But he's always there, leering at us. Maybe she'll sack him now that you're here. Fingers crossed!"
What brought you out here to Alten Meerhleel? "Kassandra summoned me. Honestly, it's nice to get out of the office from time to time. Thought I might take in a teeba-enoo match while I'm here. I guess it will have to wait. I need to get back to Lilmoth to research this poem of yours!"
How are the explorers we rescued? "Oh, they're mostly fine, if a little shaken up. A few of them have sworn off exploring for good. Hard to blame them, I guess.

Luckily, Zadaza chose to stay on. She would never let her career end with an abduction. Far too proud for that!"

In Lilmoth:

"Thank Mara you're here. I haven't seen a gathering go this poorly since my sister Concordia's seventh birthday. Marinus put slugs in her pudding. I can still hear the screams! Ugh. For the record, I did offer tea. But what's needed is answers."

I recovered another riddle from the Dead-Water tribe. "In a garden in a maw of stone." "A location, clearly. But a location for what? I did some more research on the first riddle. The one about smoke and sap, remember? Well, after combing through a half-dozen dissertations, I'm pretty confident it's referring to a dream-wallow."
A dream-wallow? "It's an Argonian religious practice. Sort of. I've never witnessed one myself, but they typically involve a period of isolation and exposure to potent mind-altering herbs. According to the text, a dream-wallower can see things beyond the physical."
So we have to perform this ritual "in a garden, in a maw of stone"? "Yes. Now if we could only … wait! A garden in a maw of stone! Of course! That's got to be the Swallowed Grove! The Ree-An-Wo! A dream-wallow in the Swallowed Grove. What could be more exciting? We should discuss this with Kassandra right away!"
I'll tell Kassandra what we discovered.
Show: Death and Dreaming

"If we really do intend to participate in some kind of dream-wallow, I'd stick close to Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn. I'm sure they'll be able to guide us through it. I'm curious about how it works, but honestly, I've never even had a glass of wine!"

What can you tell me about the Swallowed Grove? "Very little, I'm afraid. Sorry! According to Beejeem's Murkmire Almanac, it's a subterranean jungle, formed from some kind of sinkhole. Beyond that, it's pretty mysterious. There are mundane perils there, of course, but the real danger is magical."
What kind of magic? "Reanimated dead! Not like the bog-blights—something else entirely. The locals think the place is guarded by dream-spirits, but a reliable source told me it's definitely zombies, or skeletons or something. So … caution! Yes!"

Inside the Swallowed Grove:

"Don't wander off, all right? Fighting skeletons and dream-monsters is well outside my purview."

What can you tell me about this place? "Most Argonians in this area think nothing of the ruins that dot the landscape. But some, like the Ree-An-Wo—er, the Swallowed Grove—have a reputation. It's not quite as strict as a taboo, but similar."
Show: The Swamp and the Serpent

"I … I wasn't sure anyone would come for me. I didn't think anyone even knew where I was. I owe you my life. Again. The bindings on my wrists were painful, but what really hurts is the betrayal. Do I really mean so little to Kassandra?"

She doesn't seem to care about anyone but herself. Did you hear anything that might help us? "I'm not sure. My head was still all fuzzy from the dream-wallow. She kept whispering things to Whiptail—things she was learning from the staff. But she seemed frustrated. Like it wasn't telling her everything she needed to know."
Well, she always said the Hist wouldn't speak to her. Do you think the staff could be resisting her? "Maybe? I definitely wouldn't count on that working forever, though. Kassandra's very clever. She'll find a way to twist its nature … just like she twisted mine.

I can't believe I was so naive."

Don't be too hard on yourself. We'll stop her together. "You're right. No use feeling sorry for myself. We have a Remnant to save! We should talk to Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn about our next move. Hopefully it involves getting out of here. This place, while fascinating, gives me the creeps."

After talking to Jaxsik-Orrn:

"They're not coming with us, are they? Goodness. Just when you think you know everything there is to know about the Bright-Throats and the Dead-Water, they throw you for another loop! These Murkmire Argonians are remarkable people."

They said that the Hist wants you and me to finish this. "You and me? Goodness, what could I possibly do? You're the hero—I'm just the oft-imperiled bookworm! Even so, I would trust Xukas with my life. Jaxsik-Orrn too. If they say we go together, then we go together! If that's all right with you, I mean."
Show: The Remnant of Argon

"Stopping Kassandra won't be simple. With the Sap-Speaker's staff and such a long headstart …. No, no—can't think like that! I'm here to supply valuable historical information and boundless optimism. So that's what I'll do!"

Do you know anything about this xanmeer we're entering? "Well, I should tell you, we've officially left the realm of verified research, and entered the world of legend and wild-eyed conjecture. If that last ruin was Xul-Thuxis, then this next xanmeer must be Vakka-Bok—the Bowl of the Sun, I think."
Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas seem convinced that the Remnant is here. "I think they're right. Aside from the word of the Hist—which I've learned is very persuasive—legends say that the Vakka-Bok Xanmeer holds a great treasure. It has to be the Remnant! Now, we should get moving, right? We've got to stop Kassandra!"

Inside the xanmeer:

"I'm right behind you, friend. Let's just hope we can still catch up to Kassandra!"

What do you know about this Vakka-Bok Xanmeer? "Like I said, Vakka-Bok means something like the Bowl of the Sun. I assume the ancient Argonians used it as a place to empower their vakka stones—including the Kajin-Jat Crystal. Really quite remarkable!"
Is it a temple of some kind? "A temple? Oh no, no, no. A temple implies worship. Argonians worship the Hist, and venerate Sithis. Beyond that, I've never found any substantial variety in their religious habits. This would be some kind of, I don't know — garden?"
Garden? "Yes! A place for their vakka stones to soak up the sun's energy and grow in power. Of course, I could be completely wrong! We haven't been inside after all. We should probably get to it, right?"
If Kassandra doesn't stop, we might have to fight her. Are you prepared for that? "I guess you're hoping I'll say yes, right? Honestly, I … I hope it doesn't come to that. But Kassandra was ready to let me die, just to keep you off her trail. She's not the person I thought she was. You'll do what you have to. I'll stand by you."

After finding Kassandra:

"So, she found a use for the Kajin-Jat Crystal after all. Damn! Goodness, language. Sorry, I meant … no, no, I did mean it! Damn! Without an empowered vakka crystal of that scale, we're stuck here."

It's an Ayleid gate like the one we just passed through. Can't we just find another welkynd stone? "No, It won't work. Did you see how the gate glowed yellow as she walked through it? And how these stones lit up as she passed? Somehow, I think this gate only responds to Argonian vakka stones—stones like the Kajin-Jat Crystal."
We found the Kajin-Jat crystal before. We can find another vakka stone around here somewhere. "Ha. I thought I was supposed to supply the optimism. You're right, of course. We just need to find one that's been soaking up the sun's rays. Have a look around. I'll stay here and try to puzzle out another method in case you come up empty-handed."

In the village:

"There you are. I … I'm sorry, it's very hard … to concentrate. The Remnant called out to me. It … it wanted me to take it, but only for a short time. We have to be quick."

Are you all right? "For now, I think. But I can't hold this for long. This belongs … it belongs to someone else."
Show: By River and Root

"The Remnant. I see now. It contains all the souls … all the souls of the ancient tribe. Their name was … the Root-Whisper Tribe. Yes. Yes, that's it. I know what we have to do."

How do you know? "Touching the Remnant, I can hear their voices. Old, like stone and willow roots. The souls inside are confused. They escaped the Ayleids, but then … a life in amber. The Hist kept them safe inside—but it was never meant to last this long …."
How can we set them free? "Go fetch … yes, go fetch Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn. I can only hold the Remnant. The three of you have a larger role to play. I'll explain when you get back.

Please, hurry. I … I can only bear the weight of it for a little while longer."

I'll go get Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn.

If Jaxsik-Orrn became the guide:

"Easy … easy, now. You're all right. You haven't been out long."

What happened? "You'd know better than I. When the three of you touched the Remnant, it was like you instantly fell asleep. Your eyes kept fluttering like you were dreaming. Xukas woke up first—very quiet. I figured I should watch over you until you did too."
What about Jaxsik-Orrn? "She was dreaming alongside the rest of you, then her breathing slowed, and she passed. Xukas told me not to panic—that this was her choice. Still, he seemed pretty distraught. What happened, exactly?"
She chose to stay behind so she could guide the tribe back to the Hist. She was happy. "Well, that's a comfort, I guess. Xukas said he had to prepare a ritual—to release the souls from the Remnant, I think. You should be there. He said to bring the Remnant, but I think you should have the honor. Here."

If Xukas became the guide:


Conversations[edit | edit source]

Show: Sunken Treasure

After searching for clues in the hut:

Famia Mercius: "Wait. Xukas, us that you?"
Xukas: "Sun's blessings, friend-Famia. I hope you did not wait too long."

Arriving at the xanmeer:

Kirstaleth: "Is it working?"
Famia Mercius: "See there? The door awakens! Try opening it now, Zadaza."
Zadaza: "Ziss'vo! Zadaza has been picking at this for—! What did you do, Famia?"
Famia Mercius: "Scholarship in action, my friends! Now, let's make some discoveries!"
Varo Hosidias: "Yes, let's get to it. We're crocodile bait out here."

When the trap was activated:

Zadaza: "Famia? Are you alive?"
Famia Mercius: "Zadaza! You avoided the trap?"
Zadaza: "A rock fell on Zadaza's beautiful tail, but otherwise, she is fine. The others fell into separate rooms."
Famia Mercius: "Mara's mercy. Try to find a way around! We'll look for the others down here."

When Kirstaleth is found:

Kirstaleth: "Help! I fell into this pit and … oh, Green's mercy! Don't look down. Don't look down."
Famia Mercius: "Oh, what to do, what to do? Wait! Look up there! Flint vine! That could do the trick!"

After getting Kirstaleth out of the pit:

Kirstaleth: "That … was terrifying."
Kirstaleth: "I heard shouting from across the chasm, It sounded like Varo. He needs help! I just need a moment."
Famia Mercius: "All right, rest here. But not for too long! The crystal's almost in reach! Let's go help Varo."

In the Skittering Cavern:

Varo Hosidias: "Stay back, you beasts!"
Famia Mercius: "Hold on, Varo! We're on our way! Aim for the abdomen!"

After proceeding through the Stone Furnace:

Famia Mercius: "Ha! You see? You aren't the only one who can find side passages!"
Zadaza: "Note this one's very genuine surprise."

In the Kajin-Jat Vault:

Famia Mercius: "The Kajin-Jat Crystal. At last!"
Zadaza: "Careful, Famia. We have had enough falling and screaming for one day."
Famia Mercius: "Sound advice. Should just be a matter of wedging the pressure plate, and … there!"
Famia Mercius: "Finally we … What was that?"

When Ixtaxh Voriplasm appears:

Famia Mercius: "Mara's mercy! Run!"
Zadaza: "Distract it, walker! Zadaza will open the door!"

After talking to her:

Xukas: "Farewell, everyone. Please, do not make me do this again."
Famia Mercius: "Well, that was exciting, right?"
Varo Hosidias: "I have never seen more spiders."
Kirstaleth: "Are you joking? We nearly died!"
Zadaza: "Welcome, my friend, to exploring with Famia."
Famia Mercius: "Oh, that is hardly fair! Our last expedition was—"
Zadaza: "Spike pit."
Famia Mercius: "Well, yes. But before that—"
Zadaza: "Angry Naga heart-eaters."
Famia Mercius: "Ah, but what about that trip north? That wasn't—"
Zadaza: "Many, many crocodiles."
Varo Hosidias: "Madus lost his hand to one. Remember Madus?"
Zadaza: "Zadaza mostly remembers his sceams."
Famia Mercius: "Yes, yes. But need I remind you, we acquired the Kajin-Jat Crystal?"
Kirstaleth: "Good for you. As for me? I'm out. This Elf is sticking to woodland adventures from now on."
Varo Hosidias: "Smart. I'm sitting the next one out, too. Here, Elf. I'll walk you home."
Kirstaleth: "Are you certain you're up to it?"
Varo Hosidias: "Ale's cheap in Lilmoth, and there's not a beast alive that's going to stand between me and a tankard right now."
Kirstaleth: "Fair enough. Just take it slow, all right?"
Zadaza: "A one-legged Imperial and a Wood Elf fresh out of the cradle go wandering into the swamp. What could go wrong?"

Show: Death and Dreaming

Xukas: "Huh? Did you hear something?"
Kassandra: "What are you two talking about?"
Xukas: "I hear … voices. Do you not hear them?"
Famia Mercius: "I'm sorry Xukas, no, I hear nothing. Can you describe—?"
Kassandra: "Famia! We haven't the time. If we are this close to the Remnant, others may be as well. Come."

Inside the Swallowed Grove:

Kassandra: "All right, we've arrived. What next?"
Xukas: "Something in the grove is linked to the Remnant. It is just a matter of finding it, I think."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "A hunt, then. Good. Whatever speaks to the Remnant here, Tsojei and I will find it."
Xukas: "And there she goes … She is not wrong. We will cover more ground if we split up. If I see anything, I will find you."
Kassandra: "Very well. You and Famia go ahead. Whiptail and I will follow in a moment."
Famia Mercius: "I hear something … is that creaking? Please say it's not skeletons!"

After collecting all the components:

Famia Mercius: "We are here. No one is harmed, I hope?"
Kassandra: "We're fine, thank you."
Kassandra: "Did you find something? You all seem quite … motivated."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Starblossoms and deep sap. For the dream-wallow. I feel pain in my throat when I say it, but Famia was right."
Famia Mercius: "Why thank you, Jaxsik-Orrn! The inscription on this door … the Dreaming Nest is just through here. I'm certain."
Kassandra: "Then that is where we go."

Near the ritual site:

Famia Mercius: "Air's a bit thick, isn't it?"
Kassandra: "Come. No more delays!"
Kassandra: "So, this is the Dreaming Nest? Yet another dead end."
Xukas: "There is more here than you think, Kassandra. The dream-wallow will clear the waters. You will see."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Breathe deep, ojel. We will watch over you, but you walk the path alone."

During the first vision:

Kassandra: "What is happening to them, Famia?"
Famia Mercius: "I heard a name—Mateem. I … I think our friend is reliving an ancient Argonian's memories!"

After finding the hunting party:

Kassandra: "I see nothing, Famia. Is it a hallucination or an actual vision of the past?"
Famia Mercius: "Both, perhaps? I can't …. I can only see the edges. Smoke and whispers. But what our friend is experiencing. It's real enough."
Kassandra: "But where is the Remnant?"

After killing the wamasu:

Kassandra: "We came here to find the Remnant, Famia. Not to hear mumbling about some hatchling's name-day."
Famia Mercius: "I'm sorry, Kassandra—it's very hazy. But there must be something here … something we're meant to see."

After being sent back to the Dreaming Cave:

Kassandra: "What did you say? Something about the Ayleids?"
Famia Mercius: "I believe so. Yes, the ancient Barsaebic Ayleid elves. I had no idea they made it this far south."
Famia Mercius: "Then perhaps the Remnant isn't Argonian at all. Perhaps it's an Ayleid artifact. We must learn more."

During the second vision:

Kassandra: "These Argonians … they bested the Ayleids?"
Famia Mercius: "Yes. It was costly though. I smell smoke and taste blood in my mouth."
Kassandra: "Perhaps the Remnant helped them?"

After the return to the Dreaming Cave:

Kassandra: "Still nothing about the Remnant? I am well-acquainted with delays, but even my patience has limits."
Famia Mercius: "There must be a connection …."

During the third vision:

Kassandra: "Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn—they are shaking. What is going on? Is it the Remnant?"
Famia Mercius: "Yes! It's very close now. I can almost hear it."
Famia Mercius: "Kassandra? Kassandra! What are you—?"

Show: The Swamp and the Serpent

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Quiet. I hear something."
Famia Mercius: "Get your hands off me! Where is Kassandra?"
Whiptail: "Well, she left you in my capable hands, sweetheart. You made the mistake of not being useful anymore. But don't worry—I've got a use for you."
Famia Mercius: "I'm not going anywhere with you!"
Whiptail: "Oh! It's a chase then? Good! No fun without a struggle. Get after her, boys! Take her to the sacrificial chamber!"
Xukas: "Kassandra cannot be far. She hopes to delay us by putting friend-Famia in danger, I think. Xuth. Come. Let's find another way into the deeper ruins."

After talking to Jaxsik-Orrn:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Come! It is this way!"
Xukas: "And there she goes again."
Famia Mercius: "Is she going to be all right?"
Xukas: "Yes, friend-Famia. This is the will of the Hist. You will see, I think."

In Root-Whisper Village:

Famia Mercius: "Remarkable! This is the village you saw in your dream-wallow, right?" Xukas: "Yes. What is left of it, anyway."
Famia Mercius: "Well, I'm no arborist, but there's definitely wrong with that Hist tree. It can't be dead, can it?"
Xukas: "No. But it struggles for wakefulness. It gives everything to the Remnant."
Famia Mercius: "Well, it really is something …."
Xukas: "Yes, it is."

Show: The Remnant of Argon

Famia Mercius: "Mara's mercy! The Ayleids that slaughtered the dreaming Hist's tribe built all this? They must have been here for centuries!"
Famia Mercius: "Wait—I hear something."
Kassandra: "Gulvo vakka-lo Kajin-Jat!"
Famia Mercius: "Kassandra! What did she do to the staff? is that the Kajin-Jat Crystal?"
Kassandra: "It is, Famia. And I would be lost without it! Farewell."
Famia Mercius: "Kassandra, wait!"

After entering the Deep-Root:

Kassandra: "So it's come to this? I have to kill you myself? Fine!"
Famia Mercius: "What is she—? Watch out!"

Kassandra: "Are you so desperate to keep me from what I want? What I deserve? Damn you!"
Famia Mercius: "She can't have gotten far. Hurry!"

Inside the chamber with the Remnant of Argon:

Famia Mercius: "Kassandra! Don't!"
Kassandra: "You're too late, Famia. I won't let you take this from me!"
Famia Mercius: "Wait! Don't touch it!"

Show: By River and Root

Famia Mercius: "You're here … good. The Hist—it's telling me what we need to do. But we … we have to be quick."
Xukas: "Breathe, friend-Famia. Just tell us what we need to do?"
Jaxsik-Orrn: "She does not look well. Maybe we should—."
Famia Mercius: "No! No … I can do it. You have to touch the Remnant together. All three of you. I promise, you won't … you won't be harmed."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Before talking to her:

  • "Do you like treasure? Come explore the swamp with Cyrodilic Collections!"
  • "Are you an adventurer? Have I got an adventure for you!"
  • "We need relic hunters and we're paying well! Come! Let's talk!"
  • "Fancy a life of treasure hunting? Cyrodilic Collections needs you!"
Show: Sunken Treasure
  • "I'm coming! I'm coming, straight away! Just… just give me a moment." – After meeting with other explorers
  • "Follow me! If we get seperated. I'll find you at the next stop, all right?"
  • "I sent one of our younger members, Eshraf, to the Tsona-Geeva dig-site just outside town. A surprisingly productive area, despite how close it is." – After leaving Lilmoth
  • "Eshraf's bag. Was he chased off by one of these salamanders? Keep an eye out." – Near the dig-site
  • "I won't lie—the swamp's a dangerous place. I've grown to love it, but it can still be terrifying."
  • "That's Dinia's sword! She loves that sword. Oh dear, oh dear, this is troubling. Come. let's hurry. I need to speak to someone."
  • "I need to meet a local Argonian—a Bright-Throat named Xukas. He should be waiting at the hut we use as a gathering place. Maybe we will find Dinia and Eshraf there, too!"
  • "Lots of old, collapsed buildings hereabouts. Murkmire Argonians believe that everything is temporary, you see, so they just let nature take its course. Makes our job a bit more difficult, but still fascinating!"
  • "Looks like Xukas hasn't arrived yet. No Dinia or Eshraf either. Hmm. We should look around." – When you reach the hut
  • "Xukas should be along shortly… I hope. Argonians aren't really known for their punctuality."
  • "What's that? Eshraf's journal and another stone? This doesn't look good at all." – Finding the clues
  • "You should take this moment to introduce yourself. I need to speak with Xukas, but it can wait until you've met him. No time like the present to start making new friends!" – Before speaking with Xukas
  • "Go on. I'll be fine. I'll catch up." – After giving her the vakka stones and the sword
  • "Ah, a bijum-style door-release! Fascinating! A bit of help, please? Just pull that lever there." – After entering the xanmeer
  • "Wha—? Push! I meant push! Agh!" – After pulling the lever
  • "Well done! Let's find … oh dear. You don't think there are any snakes in this water, do you?"
  • "Some sort of mechanical bridge? Remarkable!"
  • "Hmm. I don't see an obvious way to lower it. It must relate to these pulleys somehow."
  • "Look! Those columns in the water feature the same symbols as the counterweights. A tutan-wei pully-puzzle! I've never seen one in person!"
  • "The symbols on the columns and the counterweights are the key, I'm certain. It's just a matter of figuring out the sequence!" – If she is spoken to
  • "That did it! Well done! At this rate, we'll find the Kajin-Jat Crystal in no time! My friends too!" – After lowering the bridge
  • "You have the flint vine? Thank goodness! Wind it into a ladder so we can save our friend!" – After finding the flint vine
  • "I'm sorry … spiders are just the worst part of the job. I'm afraid I'll be of no use down there. Varo needs our help, though! Please, do what you can!" – If she is spoken to
  • "Another successful expedition! We'd all be suffocated or dissolved if Xukas hadn't come along, of course. Even so, we got what we came for—the Kajin-Jat Crystal! You should speak with Xukas. He rarely intercedes like this. We're very fortunate." – After defeating the voriplasm
  • "I'll see you back in Lilmoth, right? My office. Talk to you soon!" – After the disbandment of the group
Show: Missing in Murkmire
  • "Please, don't keep Kassandra waiting. She's eager to meet you!" – Before talking to Kassandra when she is present
  • "Part of me wishes I could go with you, but I'm sure I'd just get in the way. I can swing a book as hard as the next scholar, but I doubt even Wendel Castiene's prodigious Helstrom Codex could fell one of those Blackguards. Just be careful!" – After speaking with Kassandra
  • "This Remnant business is serious, isn't it? Well, I can think of no one better to protect it from those Blackguard rascals! Talk to Kassandra. Maybe she has a plan on how to get between those thugs and the Remnant!" – After finishing "Missing in Murkmire"
Show: Whispers in the Wood
  • "So, you're off then? That's all to the good, I guess. I could do with a bit less peril, and I've got a lot of reading to do! The Remnant of Argon—how mysterious! I do love a good mystery.

Give my best to Xukas, and be careful out there, all right?"

  • "Ah, hello!" – After arriving at Alten Meerhlel
  • "Kassandra said you'd be here. There's news."
  • "Please you must understand. We only seek the Remnant to—ah, there you are!" – Upon the return to Lilmoth
Show: Death and Dreaming
  • "Skeletons! Mara's mercy. I'm no mage, but these do seems different, don't they? They're not feral. It's like they're guarding something." – After encountering the Gravebound for the first time
  • "By the Eight, look at this masonry! I'll bet this predates the surface xanmeers by a century or more! Fascinating."
  • "Xukas certainly seems excited about this deep sap. We should probably ask him why, right?"
  • "I never thought I'd see Jaxsik-Orrn so enthusiastic about … flowers. Maybe they're poisonous, or give you enhanced strength or something? You should talk to her." – After finding the starblossoms
  • "We should try to reassemble the party, right? We have the sap and the blossoms—all we need now is a place to conduct the ritual." – After finding both components
  • "Geel wazeithi … huptal? Sorry, these engravings are just impossible to read. Something about a Dreaming Nest? Let's keep looking."
  • "I hope you're prepared for this ritual, friend. I mean, I suppose it's possible that it will be a pleasant romp in some Argonian spirtual paradise … but I doubt it." – Talking to her after reassembling the group
  • "I'll admit, I'm a little jealous. To think, you're going to undertake a heretofore unknown dream-wallow ritual! Not even Xukas or Jaxsik-Orrn know what you'll encounter. Amazing! I'd say take notes, but I doubt you'll be in a writing state of mind." – Talking to her before the ritual
  • "Hmm. Dilated pupils, ragged breath …. Tell me, do you see anything strange? Anything about the Remnant? Wow, you're really out there, aren't you? On review, maybe I should save these questions for later." – During the ritual
  • "You're back! I … I'm getting a taste of the smoke too. Enough to see shapes—hear whispers. The Argonians you spoke to seem unlike any I've met here in Murkmire. Not Bright-Throat or Dead-Water, but a different tribe entirely! There must be more!" – If spoken to between two visions
Show: The Swamp and the Serpent
  • "Mara's mercy! Help! Anyone! Please!" – When nearing the sacrificial chamber
  • "Oh, thank you. That madman deserved nothing less. Come on! There's an exit this way!" – After killing Whiptail
Show: The Remnant of Argon
  • "The ancient Argonians certainly liked their stairs. Goodness." – Approaching the xanmeer's stairs
  • "This xanmeer feels different, doesn't it? Brighter. Aside from all the oozes, of course." – After entering the xanmeer
  • "Miregaunts! Oh dear. They roam around some of the older ruins—protectors of some sort, I think. Be careful!"
  • An Ayleid gate? How long did those invaders stay in Murkmire? Never mind. It must need a welkynd stone to function. Let's have a look around." – In the Grand Nexus Gate Chamber
  • "Know what you're looking for? Look for a blue crystal, about the length of my forearm, with a faint glow. There has to be one around here somewhere." – If spoken to
  • "Hmm. A bit sticky, but it should do the trick. Let's place it in the sconce near the gate. That should open the way!" – After finding the Welkynd Stone
  • "Just place the stone in that sconce there. With any luck, the gate will spring back to life!" – If spoken to
  • It worked! I guess we should see where it leads." – After placing the stone in the sconce
  • "Perhaps rearranging the stones? Ugh … why didn't I pay better attention in Ayleid studies?" – After finding the Vakka Stone
  • "Wait! Ha! You did it! You found another vakka crystal! Let's go!" – After activating the gate
  • "I can't believe you found another vakka stone! I'm glad you're back. I've been hearing some very distressing whispers, and I think I even saw a ghost! That's one archaeological hazard I'd just as soon avoid. Let's keep moving, all right?" – If spoken to
  • "I think … I think I know why I'm here. I'm supposed to bring the Remnant back." – After defeating the Colossal Miregaunt and Kassandra
  • "The Remnant of Argon. The Hist wants me to take it."
  • "The birth of a new tribe! What a marvelous thing to witness. I could write a volume on all that I've seen today. But you know … I think I will keep this moment, just for me. Thank you, my friend. For everything." – After finishing the ritual

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