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The Familiar is a summonable creature found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It has two forms, one can be conjured with Conjure Familiar and Conjure Flaming Familiar, which summons the rarer (and explosive) variant.


The familiar appears in-game as a ghostly wolf. It shares similar stats to the wolf as well as characteristics. The familiar will howl when in a passive situation and follows the Dragonborn until its summoning expires. In combat, it fights by leaping and biting targets one at a time. Like all summoned followers and recruited dogs, it fails to understand the concept of stealth and will blindly charge at the nearest enemy. It is the weakest of summoned followers. If the player chooses to be a Breton in their playthrough, their character will automatically be equipped with the Conjure Familiar spell. This is fitting, as Bretons have an initial 10+ boost in the Conjuration school of magic when first starting the game.


  • The familiar is technically a Daedra, as it can be banished with Banish Daedra.
  • Despite its spectral appearance, the familiar is not considered an undead.
  • It will often be summoned by Novice Conjurers to aid in battle.

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