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Not to be confused with Aretino Family Heirloom.
"Of course, it's a group of wizards they're pointing their fingers at. Who knows what they want it for, but we want it back."

Family Heirloom is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn is tasked with retrieving a stolen heirloom for a client of the Companions.


A family had a valuable stolen. They believe the culprits took it to a location, and I'm to retrieve it for them.


  1. Retrieve the gewgaw from the location
  2. Return to the quest giver


This quest is obtainable by talking to Skjor or Vilkas. It is one of 3 radiant quests that Vilkas will offer after reaching a certain point in the Companions quest line. The objective is completely randomized, and it tasks the Dragonborn with retrieving a random weapon or item from a radiant dungeon. If that dungeon has been recently cleared, the quest will respawn the opposition inside the dungeon.



Family Heirloom – CR06
ID Journal Entry
10 A family in <Alias=LocationHold> had a valuable stolen. They believe the culprits took it to <Alias=Location>, and I'm to retrieve it for them.
  • Objective 10: Retrieve the <Alias=Gewgaw> from <Alias=Location>
20 I recovered a stolen <Alias=Gewgaw> from <Alias=Location> for a noble family in <Alias=LocationHold>.
  • Objective 20: Return to <Alias=Questgiver>
  • Quest complete
  • Quest failed


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  •  PC   Sometimes the quest marker will be located in an apparently random location (e.g. at a giant's camp, while the quest is in a cave). Upon reaching the real quest location, the marker is once again glitched, and the item needed is nowhere to be found.
  •  PC   360   Sometimes the item is not in the target location, making the quest unable to be completed.