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"These are the ruins of Fanacasecul, as any fool should know. What is known only to me is what it once was. Thousands of years ago, this was a pleasure garden of my people. Many a pleasant hour I spent here, before my nemesis enscorcelled me."
―Broken Statue[src]

Fanacasecul is an Ayleid ruin in the province of Cyrodiil. It is located along the Lake Rumare shores and is east of Nikel Outpost. There is a fishing spot just north of the broken statue.

The Broken Statue[edit | edit source]

There is a broken statue in the center of the ruins that is interactable. The statue was an Ayleid that was trapped inside the statue by the sculptor, for personal reasons. In his time, he was an entertainer. While he was a statue, Ayleid children would ask questions, lovers would etch their initials into the stone, and bored people would draw graffiti all over it. Birds would naturally defecate on the statue. He will also describe the ruins of Fanacasecul before it fell asunder as a beautiful garden on the surface and other things like saunas and torture chambers inside.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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