Not to be confused with Fanasa Ienith.
"I was a Hlaalu coin-baron in Vvardenfell, did you know that? Now? Just look at this place! Look what I've fallen to!"
―Fanasa Baro[src]

Fanasa Baro is a Dunmer residing in Mother's Den, a sublocation of the Shimmerene Waterworks underneath the city of Shimmerene, Summerset. She is an Apraxic Elf, having been exiled from Altmeri society.[1]


  • "Damn these High Elves and their stupid customs! Ugh! And people say we Dark Elves are strict! At least we never boot anyone out of a civilized society just because they punched a bailiff. I mean, I wasn't even sober at the time! How fair is that?"



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