The new Far East Fleet was a fleet assembled for the invasion of Akavir in the Third Era and was part of the Expeditionary Force. The fleet was said to have been the most powerful navy ever assembled on Tamriel and the creation of this fleet, for a time, dwarfed the rest of the Imperial Navy. The navy had enough heavy transport capacity to move four Legions at a time.[1]

It took the navy six weeks to go from Black Harbor to Septimia. During the colonization of Akavir, it was the plan to bring two reinforcing Legions to Akavir, but the fateful decision was made to delay their arrival and instead begin using the Fleet to transport colonists.[1] The Emperor and the Council agreed that, due to the complete abandonment of the conquered area by its native population, colonists were needed to work the fields so that the Expeditionary Force would not have to rely entirely on the fleet for supplies. In addition, unrest had broken out in Yneslea, on the supply route to Akavir, and the Council believed the Ninth and Seventeenth legions would be better used in repacifying those territories and securing the Expeditionary Force's supply lines.[1]

During the winter storm season of 3E 288–289, a large portion of the Fleet, including the Emperor's flagship, was destroyed.[1] The winter season was unusually prolonged and exceptionally severe, and prevented the Fleet from returning to Akavir as planned with additional supplies. Due to prolonged bad weather during Sun's Height, 3E 289, the supply fleet was late in setting out from Black Harbor. It finally left port in early Second Seed, but was again severely mauled by storms and limped into Septimia eight weeks later much reduced.[1] Because of the increasingly desperate supply situation in Akavir, the Emperor dispatched most of his Battlemage Corps with the fleet to assist it in weathering the storms which seemed likely to continue all summer.[1]

In mid-Sun's Height, The fleet had arrived safely back to Black Harbor, thanks to the Battlemage Corps, but all attempts to return to Akavir were frustrated by a series of ever more savage storms that battered Esroniet throughout the rest of 289. By Evening Star, the Council was extremely worried about the situation in Akavir and ordered the fleet to sail regardless of the risk.[1] Despite the continued storms, the fleet managed to press on to Akavir. The fleet arrived in Septimia to find its garrison under savage assault from a large Tsaesci army. The battlemages with the fleet threw back the enemy long enough for the survivors to embark and the fleet to withdraw.[1]


  • There had been a Far East Fleet prior to the invasion of Akavir,[1] but this fleet has not been mentioned, nor has it been seen.


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