Faradan is a Bosmer mage found sitting near the Shadehome Inn in Riften.


A Faded FlowerEdit


Show: A Faded Flower

Don't recall seeing you before. So many new people coming through. Makes my head spin!

I'm looking for a Khajiit woman. Not at all question I expected. You have piqued my curiosity. Why do you seek some Khajiit? Is there some problem?

She sent a letter to a friend. The friend wants to reconnect. Oh, well, in that case .... An elderly Khajiit does work here. She's a cook. Bakes the best pies in town. They really are quite tasty! But she's indisposed at present. I won't let you disturb her rest.
How long has she been working here? That's something you'll have to ask her. It's not my place to talk about hired help. I do believe she traveled a fair bit in her youth, though.
Can you at least tell me her name? I suppose that won't do any harm. Narahni is a kind, gentle old woman. And a master baker of scrumptious pies. The people here are very fond of her. And very protective.
Thanks for you help.


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