"Few of my contemporaries can boast of a luminary such as Farena Andrano occupying a prime branch upon their family tree. Lady Farena studied at the feet of Sotha Sil and was counted among his companions before the Tribunal rose to power."
Canon Llevule[src]

Lady Farena Andrano is a Chimer ghost who is the ancestor of Canon Llevule. Her spirit is summoned in Andrano Ancestral Tomb under the orders of Lord Vivec, as he needs her assistance in finding out what is causing unrest in Vvardenfell.


Lady Farena was a Chimer member of the prominent Andrano family in the times before the War of the First Council, who were among the higher-ups in House Redoran. She was a student and close companion of Sotha Sil, prior to him ascending to godhood after the Battle of Red Mountain. Following her death, her remains were buried in her family ancestral tomb, where they remained since.


Divine ConundrumEdit

The Tribunal god Vivec has tasked Llevule Andrano with asking his ancestor Farena Andrano vital questions. When her spirit is summoned in the tomb, you are to read Vivec's questions to Farena, and she will answer.


"Ask the Warrior-Poet's questions, Outlander."

Lord Vivec asks, "The heart of the world, key to ascension, should I be filled with apprehension?" "Ah, Lord Vivec always had a way with words! Tell him rest assured. The Heart remains safe. I wonder why that concerns him? Ask the remaining questions, as my time here is short."
Lord Vivec asks, "Has the enemy of old returned, so devious and bold?" "An enemy of old, yes, but not the one that Vivec presumes."
Lord Vivec asks, "Did Sotha Sil in his unending crusade know our divinity would shrivel and fade?" "Sotha Sil imagined multiple scenarios and contemplated endless solutions. He even experimented with his divinity, drawing energy to study before returning it. Loss will come, he foresaw, but not until the collapse of the Temple. Now, back to sleep."


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