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Farlivere's Gambit is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Red Rooks attacked a caravan and escaped to a noble's house on the outskirts of Daggerfall, where they've taken hostages. Captain Farlivere has ordered her soldiers to surround the estate. A Daggerfall Guard said the captain might need some help.

Quick walkthrough[]

  1. Talk to Captain Farlivere
  2. Find a Red Rook Keyring
  3. Collect five Wolf's Woe
  4. Find the hostages
  5. Complete the quest


On the road outside Daggerfall a caravan has been robbed. A guard explain that they took everything and left and Captain Farlivere has sent her soldiers to the estate. Find her and ask if she needs help.

Follow the marker to find the captain, she explains the bandits use trained wolves to guard their camp. That increases their confidence but also makes them more careless. They can exploit that to save the hostages. She needs someone who can get in quietly, grab some wolf's woe and take it to the hostages. With the plant, they can walk out without attracting the attention of the wolves. The hostages are locked in a house, so the Vestige needs to find a key to get inside. She suggests to grab a Red Rook uniform as a disguise. There are several backpacks along the camp containing them.

Head over to the camp and find the wolf's woe and one uniform. Look for the key or fight one of the bandits who might have a key on them. Then quickly go to the house and go inside. There will be bandits guarding so fight them if necessary and then go downstairs to find the hostages.

Speak with Lord Arcady Noellaume, and explain to him they are there to rescue them. Give him the wolf's woe so they can use it to avoid attention from the wolves and get away. Then, complete the quest.


  • 36–151 Gold