"They call me "Fast Eddie." Who are you?"
―Edd Theman[src]

Edd "Fast Eddie" Theman is a Dunmer Sorcerer. He resides in his house in north-central Balmora while "things cool off a bit in House Telvanni."


Fast Eddie is a Sorcerer, and a Lawman with the Telvanni, for whom he offers quests. He has some House-related grievances with Dratha and Gothren.

Eddie is the only one that can become the Nerevarine's Mouth (spokesperson) if they are a member of House Telvanni.


Edd wears Common Pants, Common Shoes, a Common Shirt and a Common Belt. He fights with an Iron Dagger and carries an Apprentice Lockpick.


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"They call me "Fast Eddie." Who are you?"

background "I was the rising star of House Telvanni until the barely-living Dratha and Gothren put a stop to my career."
Balmora "I'm just waiting here in Balmora until things cool off a bit in House Telvanni."
Show: Recruit a Mouth

"They call me "Fast Eddie." Who are you?"

Mouth "You want me to be your Mouth?"
Yes. "If I'm your Mouth, you'll be my patron. You'll need to give me a Silver Staff of Peace."
Give him a Silver Staff of Peace. "I've waited for years to be someone's Mouth. I won't disappoint you. I'll go to the Council Hall right away. If you want me to do any chores for you, just let me know."
Mouth "I said I'd be your Mouth, and I will."
Not yet. "That's okay. I've been waiting to be a Mouth for years."
No. "Well, I've waited a few years. I can wait a few more."
Show: Ring of Equity

"I'm still your Mouth, right? Anything I can do for you, Wizard?"

Background "I am your Mouth now, Wizard."
Mouth "I am your Mouth. Just tell me how you want me to vote in the Council or if you want me to do chores for you."
chores "Of course I'll do a chore for my patron. Tell you what, I know where Master Neloth keeps a hidden Ring of Equity."
Ring of Equity "The Ring of Equity is well hidden in Tel Naga, Neloth's tower here in Sadrith Mora. I'll fetch it for you if you bring me the key to Tel Naga. Master Neloth has a key and many of his servants probably have keys as well. They're all the same. Just find one of these keys and bring it back to me."
Ring of Equity "Have you found the key yet?"
Yes, here it is. "Where is it? You need to give me the key before I'll risk going into Tel Naga for the Ring of Equity."
No, not yet. "I'll just wait here until you find the key then."

After finding the key:

Ring of Equity "Have you found the key yet?"

Yes, here it is. "Great. I'll go to Tel Naga and get the Ring of Equity. If I'm not back in a week, I'm probably dead."
Ring of Equity "I'll be on my way soon. I shouldn't be gone more than two or three days."

After waiting for Eddie:

"You want the Ring of Equity? I found it for you."

Ring of Equity "I got the ring for you. It's all yours. It should help if you have a fight another wizard, but you can only use it once or twice in a fight."
Ring of Equity "I already gave you the ring. That's the only Ring of Equity I know of."
Show: Amulet of Unity

"I'm still your Mouth, right? Anything I can do for you, Wizard?"

chores "Sure. I know where the Amulet of Unity is."
Amulet of Unity "The Amulet of Unity was made many years ago, back in the First Era. It's on the mainland and heavily guarded. I don't want to have to fight those guards, so I'll need at leave five standard Potions of Invisibility. I can cast Invisibility of course, but I'll want to save my magicka for other things."

After obtaining the potions:

Amulet of Unity "Do you have the five Standard Potions of Invisibility?"

Yes, here they are. "Good. This should be enough. I'll see you in a few weeks."
Amulet of Unity "I'll leave just as soon as I'm ready."
No, not yet. "I'll wait. I'm not going to get the Amulet of Unity without them."

After waiting for Eddie:

"I bet you're here for the Amulet of Unity."

Amulet of Unity "I found the Amulet of Unity. It's good thing you gave me those potions or else the guardians would have seen me for sure. I hope that Amulet works as well as they say."
Amulet of Unity "I already gave you the Amulet of Unity."
chores "Do you have any chores for me? I don't know of anything I could bring you."


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