Not to be confused with Baro Egnatius.
"Alessia's sheep are easily shorn. Easily slaughtered. But not this Egnatius. No, not Egnatius, with his books and his scrolls and his warm-hearted smiles. He is too well read. He strikes me as a scholar first and a priest second. There is no zealotry left in him—no secret malice for me to twist and shape."

Father Egnatius is a priest in the Imperial City. He is noted by Mannimarco to be unbreakable to their will, and that his shadow "looms over every proceeding" of the Elder Council.[1]

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The Bleeding Temple[edit | edit source]


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Show: The Bleeding Temple
When in the temple district:

"You escaped! Thank the Eight! The Daedra know about this place. We shouldn’t linger."

Are you all right? "Yes... yes, I’m all right. Just need to catch my breath. You have my deepest, deepest thanks. I only wish more could have been saced."
The Drake of Blades told me that you might know something of Molag Bal’s plans. "The Drake sent you? Mara bless her. In truth, I don’t know much. Molag Bal’s inquisitor, Xotos Vel, was asking all kinds of questions about a scroll we recently discovered. I told her I didn’t know anything. She wasn’t convinced. Eight forgive me."
So you do know something about the scroll she was asking about? "Yes. And no. I found it tucked between some of Marukh’s polemics, just before the invasion. I’ve spent the better part of thirty years in those archives, friend. To find this scroll just days before the anchors fell... it can’t be coincidence."
What was written on the scroll? "Arcane references, ancient symbols... It’s not an Elder Scroll, mind you. It’s nothing so majestic. But there is power in the text, of that I am certain. Alas, I had to part with it. But don’t worry - it is in good hands."
Do you think you could read it if you saw it again? "Given time, yes. At the risk of sounding vain, I doubt there are any other priests in the city who can unlock its power. It’s in the gaps, you see? The syntax. The text beneath the text. The Eight guided me to this scroll. I must find out why."
Fair enough. Get to safety. We’ll see about getting you this scroll.
Show: The Sublime Brazier
In the alliance base, after the Drake of Blades became the guardian of the Sublime Brazier:

"Ah, it's good to see you again. I can scarcely believe we survived, let alone succeeded. The Eight have been kind, to you and I at least."

So, the Brazier is safe. "Yes, I believe it is. Akatosh be praised. Molag Bal will lash out, but the Dragonfires are safe, thanks to you. I only wish the price had been less dear. Centuries of lonely service is a heavy burden. I will pray for the Drake - and for you."
Thank you. "You look weary, my friend. Why not have a seat? Stay and talk a while."
What will you do now that the Brazier is secure? "Truthfully? I'll rest. At least for a little while. These last few months have been the longest of my life. It feels like years since I just sat down."
Are you going to leave city? "At my age? What would I do? Where would I go? No... no, my life is here. There are wounds to mend, and relics to protect. And then there is the Drake. She committed herself to the city, body and soul. I couldn't bear to look at myself if I did less."
Do you think we'll ever see her again? "No. Not in this lifetime. Perhaps, if we're very lucky, we'll see her again in Aetherius. But we needn't rush to meet her. I suspect she will be here in Mundus for a very long time."
Do you think the Drake will be all right down in the Cathedral? "Oh, I think she'll be fine. You needed worry. Akatosh will keep her safe in his hands."
But won't she get bored? "I doubt it. Did you notice her eyes? Akatosh blessed her with a second sight. She sees things as the saints do now. Yes, the Cathedral looked like cobwebs and old stones to us. But to her? I can hardly fathom the things she's seen."
She did mention fireflies... "You see? The truth is like a window, my friend - bright and clean, but shrouded with many curtains. Akatosh has thrown those curtains open for the Drake. A fitting gift for such a loyal warrior."
Have you spoken to Captain Caudex? "Since our adventure in the Cathedral? No. As you well know, Anatolius is committed to protecting the bastion in the Nobles District. He likely returned to his soldiers as soon as we said our farewells."
You don't approve? "I worry for him. With the scroll gone, he may well have lost his own immortality. Without it, I fear the garrison will be lost, and his soldiers with it. He is far from reckless, but..."
But what? "He has the strength and wisdom to do real good here. There's no telling how many civilians he could rescue if he put his mind to it. But instead, he defends that crumbling ruin. When he held the scroll, I understood. But now? It smacks of pride."
I could... "No, no. Forgive me. I'm an old man, my friend. Age brings more than wisdom, I'm afraid. It makes us forgetful and ill-humored. If I still had Caudex's strength, I'd probably be defending that garrison as well. He's a good man. I'll leave it at that."

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