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Status Bars (Oblivion)

The Fatigue bar (green) depleted, below Magicka (blue), and Health (red).

For other uses, see Fatigue.

Fatigue is a character statistic that affects running, jumping, and power attacks. Using those actions will result in the decrease of fatigue reserves. The Hero's fatigue will increase over time when not in use, and can recover even faster through a variety of means.

Many different elements can play a role in the amount of fatigue the Hero has, such as level, birthsign, race, and various diseases. As the Hero's level increases, they can choose attributes that increase fatigue further.


The more fatigue the Hero has, the faster they can move. They can jump higher, and they can use power attacks more effectively. With a higher amount of fatigue, the more frequently the Hero can jump, and the longer they can sprint without running out.

Combat usesEdit

Power attacks use fatigue to deal more damage. Depending on the Hero's skill level, it can stagger, knock down, or even paralyze the enemy for a small amount of time. Using power attacks will require a fair amount of fatigue, and once the Hero runs out, the attack will have a lower chance of having an effect, besides increased damage.

Restoring fatigueEdit

There are many ways to restore fatigue faster than just waiting for it naturally. Using certain spells, drinking Potions of Fatigue, consuming ingredients, and sleeping or resting can all restore the player's fatigue faster.


The Hero can consume potions that increase maximum fatigue or restore fatigue. These potions can be bought from a merchant, found as random loot, or made using a mortar and pestle. The Hero can drink up to four potions at a time.


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