"Signy wants to talk to you. I think you'll like what she has to say."
―Faustina Cartia[src]

Faustina Cartia is the leader of the Sirens, an all female gang of thieves that operates out of Anvil.


Along with Signy Home-Wrecker and Tsarrina, she and the gang attract married men into the wilderness to rob them of their valuables. She resides on Gweden Farm southwest of Anvil.

She carries the key to the Gweden Farm basement and has a large amount of gold.


The Siren's DeceptionEdit

Maelona wants the Hero to help her husband Gogan by defeating a gang of women who lure men outside of town to rob them. She promises 100 gold as a reward for getting back a ring Gogan lost. Travel to The Flowing Bowl for more information.

Started in Anvil through a rumor, undercover agents of the Anvil Watch are working to track down an all-female band of thieves that seduce married men, lure them out of town, and rob them.

She wields the unique Elven Dagger Witsplinter that drains Intelligence and Magicka. She has a set of Illusion and Conjuration spells that she uses on the Hero.


The Siren's Deception

"Signy wants to talk to you. I think you'll like what she has to say."

After speaking to Signy:

"Can't wait to see you later. Don't keep us waiting."

Night of Fun "Hope you're not planning to get much sleep."

"Drink up and eat something. You'll need your strength."

At the Gweden Farm:

"I see you took us up on our offer. Good. I'm glad to see you. Signy will be along shortly. I'm sure we can find something to do while we wait. Now we can't have you standing there all uncomfortable in all those clothes. Why don't you take everything off and place it there on the table."

I'm afraid not. "What? What are you talking about? Don't you want to have fun? Come on, don't be shy. Or are you here for something else?"
I'm here for Gogan's ring. "Damn, I knew it! You're working for the city guard aren't you? I didn't think they would be stupid enough to send someone alone, but so be it. I should have known after I fenced that stupid ring and discovered it was a fake. Worthless! All part of the guards' plan I suppose. Ok, girls! We got someone who doesn't want to cooperate!"




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