"You must kill Brerama Selas. Once she is dead, I will take care of the other Redorans in my time."
―Faves Andas[src]

Faves Andas is a Dunmer who resides in Shishi, Morrowind. He can be found in a secret area of Shishi. He is a member of House Telvanni and is the only survivor of a Redoran attack on the newly formed Telvanni outpost.


Shishi ReportEdit

Speaking to Theldyn Virith about duties will reveal that an expedition that he sent to a former Velothi outpost, Shishi, has failed to report on their situation.


Aid this Telvanni in defending his stronghold.


Faves uses or carries the following:


Faves knows the following spells:


As a Dunmer, Faves can use:


And he benefits from:


  • "Have you killed Brerama Selas? Excellent. I can handle the other Redorans on my own. I will tell Master Aryon that you assisted me. You might find these books of interest, Nerevarine (Player name). I have already studied them."
  • "You already dealt with Brerama Selas, the only Redoran I was worried about. Report back to Aryon and I will handle any Redorans still here in my own time."


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