Favors for Orcs is a miscellaneous quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Heading northwards out of Caldera following the path, the Nerevarine encounters Bugrol gro-Bagul hiding behind some rocks and a tree, closely after the first crossroads. When talking to him, he explains to the Nerevarine that he needs to hide from the "townbosses."



Bugrol gro-Bagul asks the Nerevarine to help him out of his situation by delivering a message to Bashuk gra-Bat. He promises a gift as reward without specifying what he actually has to offer. If the Nerevarine agrees to help he receives the Note from Bugrol. The note makes clear that the guards are looking for Bashuk gra-Bat for good reason as he explains that the "swordsmacking townbosses think I did what we did." He urges Bashuk gra-Bat to find her at his hidingplace.

The Nerevarine finds Bashuk gra-Bat in her house in Caldera and gives the Note from Bugrol to her. She in turn gives the Note from Bashuk to give to Bugrol to ensure him of her coming.

When the Nerevarine arrives back at Burgol he demands the Note from Bashuk from him. Seeing his mission fulfilled he gives his gift to the Nerevarine, a so assumed worthless stone which turns out to be a diamond.



Favors for Orcs – MV_Bugrol
IDJournal Entry
10I met an orc in the woods north of Caldera named Bugrol. Seems he's on the run from the town guards, or townbosses, as he calls them.
  • Quest accepted
20Bugrol wants me to deliver a note he gave me to his friend Bashuk gra-Bat in Caldera. He promises me a present if I do so. I can only imagine what that might be.
25Bugrol wanted me to deliver a note he gave me to his friend Bashuk gra-Bat in Caldera. I couldn't imagine a bigger waste of time.
  • Quest failed
30Delivered Bugrol's note to Bashuk in Caldera. Quite a pair these two are.
35Bashuk gra-Bat gave me a note to bring back to Bugrol, assuming the little coward hasn't run off somewhere. This is so demeaning.
40Gave Bugrol the note from Bashuk. I can't believe I'm playing messenger for these two.
100There don't seem to be any more notes to pass between Bugrol and Bashuk, thank the gods. I feel I'm actually a bit stupider for ever having talked to either one of them. But, the fool did give me a diamond as his "present." Apparently he thought it was just a shiny rock. Probably found it while he was "hiding."
  • Quest completed
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