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Not to be confused with Fedura or Fedura Sethan.
"Since the war began, the market has never been busier."
―Feduria Llaren[src]

Feduria Llaren is a Dunmer residing in Davon's Watch in Stonefalls. She is standing in front of Krastir's shop, War-Worthy Leathers, in the market.


Chasing Shadows[]



Chasing Shadows

Have you noticed anyone strange lurking about? "Let me think. Ah, yes! Imperial fellow, tall, brusque, rather boorish. He pushed me while I was haggling at the market. Scurried off toward the east end of town when I tried to have words with him. Typical."

[Persuade] You're very fortunate. He's a dangerous criminal that prowls upon attractive ladies like yourself. "You're very sweet to say that. He scurried off in the direction of the stables, if that's any help to you. And he was with another man, deathly pale with deep set eyes. He gave me the chills, that one did."
Do you remember anything else about him? "[?]"