Felarian is a Altmer residing in Alinor.


Jewelry Crafting CertificationEdit



After completing the quest:

"You are now free to accept jewelry crafting writs. Be advised that while the jewelry you create may be beautiful, you'll need to conduct further research if you wish to add the traits most adventurers seek."

How do I research traits? "You can research any trait that a piece of jewelry already posesses. Sadly, the item will be destroyed. But such is progress. You can also enchant jewelry, though you'll have to seek another if you wish to learn more about that skill."
What kind of traits can I research? "You can learn traits which help with your health, stamina, or magicka. I suggest prioritizing you most need in your adventures, as the research progress may take quite some time to complete."
Is there anything else I should know about jewelry traits? "I have heard of many special jewelry stations, located within certain parts of Tamriel. Jewelry pieces created at such stations will provide advantages when used in conjunction with specific armor and weapons."


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