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Felen's Ebony Staff is a Thieves Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind given by Big Helende. It is the last quest to be given by Helende.



Accepting The JobEdit

Big Helende can be found at Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub in Wolverine Hall. She will ask the Nerevarine to steal a staff belonging to Felen Maryon. However, she has little faith that anybody will be willing to make the attempt, and will not hold it against them should they turn the job down. If accepted, she will provide three quality rising force potions to assist in the theft.

Stealing The StaffEdit

Felen lives in Tel Branora, and can be found in Therana's Chamber on the upper levels. After stealing the staff, return to Helende.


Big Helende will give two options as a reward for the theft. She will allow the Nerevarine to keep the staff, or she will give them a part of the profits from selling the staff. Either way, she will also give them a Ring of Far Reaching as thanks for completing the job.


Felen's Ebony Staff – TG_EbonyStaff
IDJournal Entry
10Big Helende told me that Felen Maryon in Bal Fell has an enchanted ebony staff she'd like stolen.
20I've agreed to try and retrieve the ebony staff from Felen Maryon. I'm to look for him in the Telvanni Tower in Tel Branora.
  • Quest accepted
100I returned Felen's Ebony Staff to Big Helende. She gave me 250 gold as my share of the profits, as well as a Ring of Far Reaching as a reward for my efforts.
  • Quest completed
105I've decided to keep the ebony staff I stole from Felen Maryon. Big Helende has no problem with this, and gave me a Ring of Far Reaching as a reward for the work I've done for her.
  • Quest completed
110I've decided to pass on Big Helende's last job for me.
  • Quest failed

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