Shrine of St. Felms - Morrowind

Shrine of St. Felms

Felms, also known as Saint Felms the Bold, is a saint and the Patron of Butchers and Fishmongers.[1] As a warlord he defeated the Nord invaders and drove them from Morrowind.[1] He could neither read nor write, receiving guidance from the Tribunal gods.[1] The Cleaver of St. Felms, a one handed axe, was originally used by Felms.

During the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, shrines dedicated to him can be found across Vvardenfell, inside Temples, such as the High Fane in Vivec City, the Ghostgate Temple in the Ashlands, or the Holamayan Monastery in the Azura's Coast region.



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