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Fence is the term used to describe a member of the Thieves Guild who will buy stolen property in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In previous iterations of the game, such as The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, there was no distinction between stolen and non-stolen property.

With very rare exceptions, fences are the only NPC merchants who will buy stolen property. Stolen property in Oblivion is identified by a red hand over the icon in an inventory.

Selling through fences is necessary for any character who plans on selling any stolen items at all. To gain access to decent fences one must join the Thieves Guild, so if one plans to live a life of crime, they should join the Thieves Guild and don't forget who the fences are. In Oblivion, the only two non-Thieves Guild fences are Manheim Maulhand, an innkeeper, and M'raaj-Dar, a Dark Brotherhood merchant.

For each stolen item sold, the player has "fenced" gold into the guild coffers. This is extremely important, because in order to progress in the Thieves Guild total fenced gold must be to a certain value before receiving the next quest. For example, to receive the final Thieves Guild quest "The Ultimate Heist," one must have fenced at least 1000 gold in total.

Fence Gold Limit Gold Mercantile Skill City

Specific Locations

Manheim Maulhand*

50 30 Inn of Ill Omen, Green Road in between Bravil and Imperial City
M'raaj-Dar*** 400 6 Cheydinhal Cheydinhal Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Ongar the World-Weary 600 60 Bruma Can be found in Olav's Tap and Tack or at his house.
Dar Jee 800 70 Leyawiin His house, loitering outside the Three Sisters' Inn, or in the Five Claws Lodge.
Luciana Galena 1000 80 Bravil Can be found in The Lonely Suitor Lodge or at her house.
Orrin 1200 90 Anvil He can be found in Anvil Castle's Smithy, or eating dinner with the countess in the evening.
Fathis Ules** 1500 100 Imperial City or Chorrol Before The Ultimate Heist: Fathis can be found around his home in the Elven Gardens District or occasionally in the The Oak and Crosier tavern in Chorrol.
After The Ultimate Heist: he can be found every night in the Dareloth's Basement.

*Is not a Thieves Guild fence and will not talk if his disposition is below 30.

**There is a glitch to Fathis where he can be stuck in Chorrol. Also, Fathis will not fence to players who do not please him in the "Sins of the Father" quest.

***M'raaj-Dar is not a Thieves Guild fence, but will still buy stolen goods. If one kills him in "The Purification" quest, his replacement will also buy stolen goods.