Fervidius Tharn was a well known member of the Tharn Family who lived during the middle years of the First Era. Fervidius was, at one point, the highest-ranking member of the Alessian Order and was even said to be the Arch-Prelate of the Alessian secret sect known as the Marukhati Selective, being given the title in the year 1E 1188. Fervidius was best known for writing the book Sermons Denouncing the Seventeen Leniencies.[1]

It is said that Fervidius Tharn began his role in the Alessian Order as a humble oblate, but quickly rose through the ranks of the order, becoming the Arch-Prelate of the Order with power rivaling even the Emperors. During this time, the Marukhati Selective, a split sect and internal threat to the Alessian Order, was formed, which was said to have been an enemy of Fervidius. Fervidius then apparently sent members of his order to find the missing pieces of the staff of towers to prevent the Selectives from getting their hands on them, but was eventually betrayed and killed by one of his own.[2] However, other sources heavily imply that Fervidius Tharn was, in fact, the secret-master of the Selective responsible for the Middle Dawn Dragon Break which occurred in 1E 1200.[3][4]


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