Fevyn Ralen is a Dunmer mage residing in the Waistworks of the Telvanni Canton. Fevyn is a short-tempered mage who has little time for those who will not engage in business with him.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

An Invisible Son[edit | edit source]

Fevyn Ralen turned Cassius Olcinius invisible, and the Nerevarine must convince the wizard to undo his curse.

Services[edit | edit source]

Fevyn will offer spellmaking services, as well as spells for sale.

He sells Alteration and Destruction school spells:

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Cassius Olcinius: "That little twit! Of course I made him invisible. Did he tell you why? He asked me to! Came in muttering something about just wanting everyone to leave him alone, and promised to pay me 400 septims to make him invisible to everyone. Did I get my money, though? No! He still has a debt to pay. So, when he came in a few weeks later begging me to remove it, I laughed in his face...or where I assumed it was."

debt to pay: "He still owes me 400 septims. I haven't even charged interest on the debt, because I don't believe the little fool would understand what it meant."

I'll pay the debt for him. "You want to pay the debt? Fine with me. I'll remove the spell. But I don't want to see the little fool back here again any time soon."
He should learn to pay his own debts. "Yes, he should. He's an idiot. A harmless idiot, but an idiot nonetheless."

(If the Nerevarine has spoken to Lucretinaus Olcinius) "It's good that his father is paying off the debt. Makes sense, I suppose. Well, I'll remove the spell. From all I've heard, his father is an honest man, and I've no problem with him."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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