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Fharun Stronghold is an Orsimer stronghold in Wrothgar.


The stronghold of Fharun Clan, an Orc settlement in the northernmost reaches of Wrothgar, prides itself on remaining true to the teachings and traditions of Malacath. This, of course, pits its chief against King Kurog, who wants to set aside the restrictions of tradition and lead the Orsimer insto a new age rich with opportunities and newfound prestige. Of course, the clan's dedication to Malacath makes it a prime target for the fanatical Vosh Rakh and their harsh methods for spreading the word of Trinimac throughout the land of the Orcs.


  • Fharun Feast Hall
  • Fharun Prison


Notable itemsEdit





  • Cooking Fire – multiple locations (Fharun Feasthall, Ransacked Clan House, etc.)


  • Prior to the Orsinium DLC, Fharun Stronghold was referred to as Farrun in bits of lore mentioned in a couple sources. In the book "Ardent Flame: Draconic or Endemic?," the city is referred to as the north-coast port town of Farrun. In the several lore interviews, Farrun was mentioned as named, one of the interviews mentions that Farrun along with Jehanna were not a part of the Daggerfall Covenant. Farrun's identity most likely changed during Orsinium's development.[1][UL 1][UL 2]



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