Fieldhouse Cave is a cave northeast of Fort Doublecross, east of the Yellow Road and the Nocturnal Shrine and south of The Drunken Dragon Inn. It's inhabited by Conjurers and Daedra.


Plenty of Green Stain Cup can be found around the cave and the adjacent pond. On the opposite end of the pond from the cave is a large patch of Bog Beacon mushrooms.

Southwest of the cave, toward Fort Doublecross is a larger pond with many more Green Stain Cup and three more Nirnroot. A few stinkhorn can be found near one Nirnroot. In the pond's water is a Wayshrine of Mara.


  • Fieldhouse Cave
  • Dust Sumps of Fieldhouse
  • Black Balconies of Fieldhouse



Seeking Your RootsEdit

Harvest nirnroots for Sinderion in Skingrad.


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