"Our lord is High Alma Jaroon, of House Jaroon, whose city is the First City of the New North, where all who Went Under from Landfall settled and made peace with the Worm, when we were not Eighty and One separate peoples but One, carrying the tibrols on our backs together and cutting tunnels by the light and heat that all mer wore, with equal dust in every mouth. My family’s name comes from the first child born in the Velothiid, Haeko-dol-Sul, and, like him, we are salt merchants. Our crest is the tusk of the bat-tiger. Our bloodline is registered by C0DA."

The Fifth Era is a period of time on Nirn, but more broadly, Mundus. It is unknown with what events this era begins and ends. It has yet to be seen in any part of the Elder Scrolls franchise. However, it has been seen in the events of C0DA, a work by Michael Kirkbride, and some of its context been elaborated on by a further work, the Loveletter From the Fifth Era.[UL 1][UL 2]

Events[edit | edit source]

Landfall[edit | edit source]

Main article: Landfall

Settling of the moons[edit | edit source]

Velothiid[edit | edit source]

Destruction of the Numidium[edit | edit source]

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