"Fimmion hungry. Want sweetroll. Fimmion like pants. Love sweetroll."

Fimmion quote

Fimmion is a Bosmer commoner and beggar who lives in Bliss. He is always hungry and is on a constant search for food. It's quite obvious that out of all foods, Fimmion's favorite are Sweetrolls. During both quests "The Coming Storm" and "Falling Awake," the Hero will be asked for a sweetroll in exchange for his help.


The Coming StormEdit

Ahjazda thinks the world is coming to an end soon and she asks the Hero to help her collect supplies. She gives the task of collecting three items: the Amulet of Disintegration, the Ring of Desiccation and the Calming Pants.

Falling AwakeEdit

Amiable Fanriene is a citizen of Bliss that has been blessed with paranoia; he can't sleep in his own home for fear that the walls will close in and fall on him, ending his life. He seeks a safe place to sleep.


  • If Fimmion dies, his tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard will read, "Fimmion died hungry. Or at least he thought he was."


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  •  360   PS3   When getting the Calming Pants, if one has two or more sweetrolls and offer one to him, he may not give the pants right away. Therefore, if the second sweetroll is offered, he will give two Calming Pants. This prevents the quest Coming Storm from being completed, as Ahjazda will be apparently unaware that the Hero has the pants at all.


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