If the Hero has met Hirrus Clutumnus during the day, he asks them to meet after dark at the sewer gate northeast of the statue of Sheogorath.

Upon talking to him, they find that his life is miserable, and he wants to end it. Instead of killing himself, he wants them to do it for him, because he does not want to go to Hill of Suicides. Once he is dead, Hirrus Clutumnus's Will can be retrieved.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Talk to Hirrus Clutumnus in New Sheoth. He can be found walking around Crucible. After he tells them to meet him, wait until nightfall, and go to the sewer gate northeast of the southeast entrance to the Crucible. There he will tell them that his life is in shambles, and he can't stand to live any longer.

Instead of killing himself, and being sent to the Hill of Suicides, he asks the Hero to kill him. Hirrus says that it should be in the city, while he goes about his daily routine. But, he stresses that it has to be a surprise.

Killing Hirrus[edit | edit source]

Hirrus can be found standing on a ledge on the second landing of stairs which lead to the Crucible entrance to the Palace Grounds. He's there all day, so time isn't too important. Speak to him, and he'll say that he stands there, hoping someday a strong gust of wind will push him off the ledge.

Respond by selecting the option to push him. Don't worry about the guard, she responds by saying that someone should put up a railing. They can also choose to follow him immediately after talking to him at the grate, which should be at night, so there won't be many people around and just making a surprise attack while he's walking.

Go down to his corpse and collect Hirrus Clutumnus' house key, then proceed to his house which is southwest from where his body is. (Follow the map marker.) Go upstairs to his room, and on top of the dresser there should be a jewelry box. Open it to find the very ironic reward, the Ring of Happiness. Read Hirrus' Will, in which he thanks the Hero for killing him.

Journal entries[edit | edit source]

Journal Entry
  • Update: After talking to Hirrus Clutumnus:

Hirrus Clutumnus told me to meet him after dark at the sewer grate northeast of the statue of Sheogorath sitting on his throne.

  • Update: After meeting with Hirrus Clutumnus at the sewer grate:

Hirrus Clutumnus has asked that I kill him.

  • Update: After killing Hirrus Clutumnus:

Hirrus Clutumnus is dead, just as he wanted. I can now get my reward from his house. The key should be on his corpse.

  • Update: After taking the key from his corpse:

I have Hirrus Clutumnus' house key. I should go claim my reward from his jewelry box.

  • Update: After claiming the reward:

I´ve claimed my reward.

  • Quest complete

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After killing Hirrus, a Dark Seducer nearby will remark, "They should really put up a railing, this sort of thing happens all the time."
  • There are other skulls nearby, with blood on the nearby stones, possibly proving the validity of the Dark Seducer's statement.

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