Find Azra Nightwielder is a main quest in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey. This quest is mutually exclusive with the quest "Mage's Identity."


Upon passing through Lakvan's Stronghold, going to the southeast will lead to a teleporter pad, which will then take the Hero to a room in the northeast. The hero will then be challenged to combat by Pergan Asuul, who upon defeat will yell out "That nemesis Azra still lingers beneath Fearfrost while I near triumph."[1]

After traveling through Fearfrost, the Hero will come across a large cracked crystal, which breaks open to reveal a mysterious mage. The mage asks for any information regarding who he is, and as the Hero already learned his identity from Pergan, they are able to tell him immediately that he is Azra Nightwielder. After a brief conversation, Azra will reward the hero with a Star Tooth, but warn them that it will not require five Star Teeth to combat Umbra'Keth, but seven.


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