Find Beden Giladren is a House Redoran quest given to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Having found the lost pilgrim Fedris Tharen on behalf of Lloros Sarano, the Nerevarine will be tasked with finding another associate of House Redoran, Beden Giladren. Giladren was last seen on her way to Maar Gan.

Ashlander ransomEdit

The Nerevarine's first task is to go to Maar Gan, to find out what happened to Giladren. Tralas Rendas will inform the Nerevarine that Giladren has been taken to a nearby Ashlanderscamp and are now demanding a high ransom for him.


The Nerevarine must then go to Mila-Nipal camp (where Giladren is being held) to negotiate her release. Speaking to the head of the group, Manat Shimmabadas, will reveal that the ransom price is 5,000 GoldIcon and the Nerevarine can either pay or leave. However, there are alternatives to this. The Nerevarine may kill the ashlanders or try to convince them that Giladren is not a Redoran Noble (which has the benefit of reducing the ransom demand to 5GoldIcon).

Once Giladren has been released, the Nerevarine must return to Sarano to complete the quest.


Find Beden Giladren – HR_FindGiladren
IDJournal Entry
10Lloros Sarano asked me to find the pilgrim Beden Giladren who was on his way from Ald'ruhn to Maar Gan.
  • Quest accepted
30Tralas Rendas told me that an ashlander came into town recently demanding ransom for a "Bindin Gildaran." Tralas asked me to talk to the ashlanders. Their camp is west of Maar Gan along the road towards the mountains and then south following the mountains.
50Manat Shimmabadas told me that they have captured the famous noble Beden Giladren and are demanding a ransom of 5000 gold.
55Manat told me that Beden Giladren is a famous noble of House Redoran. If I have not heard of him, perhaps I should speak with him.
60Beden Giladren told me that he thought the ashlanders would kill him if he told the truth, so he claimed to be a famous noble.
70Manat Shimmabadas agreed that Beden Giladren was not worth 5000 gold, and he accepted a ransom of 5 gold.
75I paid Manat Shimmabadas the ransom of 5000 gold for the release of Beden Giladren.
90Beden Giladren thanked me for rescuing him. I should report back to Lloros Sarano in Ald'ruhn.
100Lloros Sarano thanked me for finding Beden Giladren.
  • Quest completed


  • This quest can be completed by non-Redoran members.
    • They can instead simply go straight to Mila-Nipal camp to release Giladren.
  • If Giladren dies during the quest, Sarano's disposition will drop by 10 each time she is mentioned.

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