Find Fedris Tharen is a House Redoran quest available to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Please help me. I feel ill.



Once the Nerevarine has traced the source of Varvur Arethi's ash statue, Lloros Sarano informs them about a lost pilgrim who was going to Koal Cave. The pilgrim, named Fedris Tharen, was last seen leaving for the cave and has not been seen since his departure.

Ruddy Man PilgrimageEdit

Tharen was following the 'Ruddy Man Pilgrimage,' the name given to the journey to the shrine within Koal Cave. Upon arriving near Koal Cave, Tharen can be found along the path leading to the Cave.

Tharen will reveal that he became ill and couldn't complete the pilgrimage, and, in his current state, he could not make it back to Gnisis either. He requests that the Nerevarine cure him or return to Sarano to get help — This will complete the quest. To cure Tharen, the Nerevarine may use any means at their disposal, giving the cure common disease potion, or use a healing spell.

Once the Nerevarine has cured Tharen, they must, then, speak to Sarano to complete the quest. 


Find Fedris Tharen – HR_FindTharen
IDJournal Entry
10Lloros Sarano asked me to find the pilgrim Fedris Tharen, who was supposed to make the Ruddy Man pilgrimage to the Koal Cave.
  • Quest accepted
50I found Fedris Tharen near the Koal Cave. He fell ill and was unable to complete the pilgrimage. I need to either find a way to heal him or get word back to Lloros Sarano in Ald'ruhn.
70I cured Fedris Tharen's illness, and he thanked me.
100I told Lloros Sarano about Fedris Tharen. Lloros Sarano will send a healer to the Koal Cave.
  • Quest completed
110Lloros Sarano thanked me for healing Fedris Tharen.
  • Quest completed


  • The Nerevarine does not have to go inside Koal Cave.
    • It is advised that the Nerevarine obtain a potion from Gnisis (the Silt Strider port closest to Tharen), before searching for him.
  • Custom made cure common disease potion cannot be used to cure Tharen.
  • If the Nerevarine chooses to get help from Sarano, instead of curing Tharen themselves, this will complete the quest and receive a single cure common disease potion and the disposition and reputation boosts.
    • Returning to the location where the stricken Tharen was, reveals that he is gone.


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  • If the Nerevarine has completed the follow-up quest, Find Beden Giladren (potentially encountered during the Nerevarine's travels), prior to starting this quest, Sarano won't give the Nerevarine this quest.

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