Find Mathis Dalobar is a House Redoran quest potentially available to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Neminda asked me to find the trader Mathis Dalobar. He was last seen heading towards Maar Gan.



Neminda within the Under-Skar of Ald'ruhn believes that a trader named Mathis Dalobar, whom frequently travels between Maar Gan and Gnisis, has gone missing. She requests that the Nerevarine find out what happened to Dalobar and, if possible, escort Dalobar to safety.

Mathis Dalobar's DisappearanceEdit

The Nerevarine must first travel to Mathis Dalobar's most commonly known destinations: Gnisis and Maar Gan. Once there the Nerevarine may enquire with the local inhabitants about Dalobar. The residents in Gnisis won't be able to tell the Nerevarine anything about Dalobar (despite her association with the town), however those in Maar Gan will tell a different tale.

The residents of Maar Gan will tell the Nerevarine that Dalobar may have been caught up in an ash storm as she was expected to arrive in the town a few days previously. It is suggested that he may have taken shelter in a local Tomb.

Finding DalobarEdit

The Tomb the residents refer to is for the Ancestors of Rothan and can be found to the west of Maar Gan. Inside the Tomb the Nerevarine will find Dalobar near to the entrance. He will reveal that he was indeed the victim of an ash storm and therefore took shelter in the Tomb. He will ask the Nerevarine to escort him to the shrine in Maar Gan. Having escorted him to the shrine, the Nerevarine must return to Neminda in order to complete the quest.


Find Mathis Dalobar – HR_FindDalobar
IDJournal Entry
10Neminda asked me to find the trader Mathis Dalobar. He was last seen heading towards Maar Gan.
  • Quest accepted
20I was told that Mathis Dalobar never made it to Maar Gan. He may have had trouble getting through the ash storm a few days ago.
30I was told that someone was seen near the Rothan Tomb just before the storm hit.
50I found Mathis Dalobar. He asked to be escorted safely back to the Maar Gan Shrine.
70Mathis Dalobar made it to the Maar Gan Shrine safely. I need to report back to Neminda in Ald'ruhn.
100Neminda thanked me for finding Mathis Dalobar.
  • Quest completed
200Neminda told me that she heard Mathis Dalobar was dead. She believes I am at fault.
  • Quest completed


  • The Nerevarine does not have to visit Gnisis at all during this quest.
  • Should Dalobar be killed prior to or during the quest, the Nerevarine will be thrown out of House Redoran by Neminda.

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