Finding the Flask of Lillandril is the sixth quest in the main questline in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard.


Cyrus needs to find the Flask of Lillandril in order to combat N'Gasta's magic. He first must find the four pieces of the map.


Cyrus first goes to J'ffer's Books and buys Elven Artifacts, a book that goes over the Flask. It also shows the location of two of the map pieces.

Afterwards, Cyrus needs to see Garrick in his shop, who will tell him about the map and how Trithik knows a lot about it. When asked, Trithik says he found a piece of the map, but was recently stolen. He tells Cyrus that if he finds the piece, he can keep it. Cyrus finds out that a drunk named Grendal stole it, although at first, he will deny it. He can be fooled into revealing the location when Cyrus claims that men talked about stealing the piece from him. Follow him without being caught and dig where he checks to see if the piece is still there, then take it.

Falicia lets Cyrus know that one of the map pieces was a silver box shaped like a ship. The silversmith, Krisandra, reveals that she has no silver ship in her shop. When entering her house, many guards will attack Cyrus. Kill them and report this back to Krisandra. After explaining that they were looking for the ship, she will say that all junk the previous owner had is in her storeroom. Go in the storeroom and claim the ship, which has part of the map inscribed on the bottom.

Falicia tells Cyrus that Iszara searched for the Flask of Lillandril as well, and convened with Joto to search for clues to find the pieces of the map. Later, Joto was arrested. Arch-Mage Jaganvir bursts in and turns Cyrus into a gremlin so he cannot tell anyone of what happened for fear Richton will imprison him and Falicia. Cyrus goes to the prison and finds Joto. Unfortunately, Joto cannot understand him. Cyrus will say "Joto!," "Magic!," "Please!," "Iszara!," and Joto will then realize what Jaganvir has done and turn Cyrus back to a human. Joto reveals that he believes N'Gasta is holding Iszara hostage, and explains that she went looking for him to resurrect Prince A'tor. However, she was not patient enough to find the Flask and went alone. Joto gives Cyrus the piece of the map they found. Dram creeps in and shoots Joto, ultimately killing him.

Cyrus then goes to Maiko and asks him to create a map that uses the coordinates on the ship, Joto's piece, and the two pieces described in the book. Cyrus then uses the coordinates on the map and finds the Flask.

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