Finding the Thieves Guild is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The Hero of Kvatch is offered a chance to join the Thieves Guild.


Receiving the questEdit

There are three ways to receive this quest.

  1. Examine a "Wanted" poster within the Imperial City depicting the Gray Fox, the legendary Robin Hood-esque thief. Ask citizens about rumors and look for the "Gray Fox" topic, which is available for most of them. After talking about it, find a beggar, get around 70 disposition with him, and ask him about the Gray Fox. He'll tell the Hero to be at the Garden of Dareloth in the Imperial City Waterfront district at midnight. Head there and meet a representative of the Thieves Guild, Armand Christophe, who will assign a task required to join.
  2. Commit a non-violent crime and spend time in jail or pay the fine. When the Hero gets out of jail and rests, someone will approach them with a note from the Gray Fox about meeting in the Garden of Dareloth. If the fine was paid instead, someone will approach to them as they leave the building.
  3. The meeting in the garden will happen even if the Hero doesn't know about it, so it's possible to simply go there at midnight and find Armand Christophe. Raise his disposition to 50, and the option to "Join the Thieves Guild" will come up after discussing the "Gray Fox" with him.

Joining the GuildEdit

At the meeting place, two other thieves, Methredhel and Amusei, want to join the guild as well. Armand will give the quest "May the Best Thief Win," where the Hero must compete with the other hopefuls to earn the right of joining.


Finding the Thieves Guild – TG00FindThievesGuild
IDJournal Entry
  • Update: After receiving a mysterious note:

I was given a mysterious note by a mysterious Dark Elf. It offers greater wealth and less jail time. Maybe I should check it out. I have to wait until midnight, and then go to the Garden of Dareloth.

  • Update: After getting information from a beggar:

A beggar told me that if I want to find the Gray Fox, I should look for the Garden of Dareloth in the Waterfront District of the Imperial City around midnight. The Gray Fox is the only clue I have to the mysterious Thieves Guild.

  • Quest complete

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