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"Over a year ago, thieves broke into the college and made off with a lot of valuable things. Mostly gold and silver. But they also stole Finn's Lute. We just learned where the bandits fled to, and I very much want that lute back."
Inge Six Fingers[src]

Finn's Lute is a unique item desired by Inge Six Fingers at Solitude's Bards College. It can normally be found in Stony Creek Cave.


Finn's LuteEdit

After joining the Bards College, Inge will offer the Dragonborn the chance to help her find it, thus adding the quest to their journal. Whether or not they have the quest, Finn's Lute can be returned to her for +1 to all Thief skills, thus making it a highly valuable item to obtain.


Finn's Lute is usually found in a chest in Stony Creek Cave, whether the Dragonborn has the specific quest for it or not.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   This item may stay in the inventory, even after talking to Inge Six Fingers.
  •  PC   360   PS3   The misc quest may stay in the journal after turning the item in to Inge Six Fingers if the lute was acquired prior to receiving the quest to retrieve it.
    •  PC(Fix)   Use the console command  setstage bardscollegelute 40
    •  360(Fix)   When speaking to Inge Six Fingers for the first time, select the dialogue option, "I've found Finn's Lute." instead of, "Why are you so sad?" A quest complete notice and the corresponding reward will be received, but the quest log will not be in the journal because the quest never officially started.

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