The Fire Wyrm is a creature created from the corpse of enemies killed with Fire Breath, when the Dragonborn has Dragonborn Flame power. To get this power, the Dragonborn must choose it when reading Black Book: Epistolary Acumen, one of the Black Books.


In combat the Fire Wyrm acts identically to Ice Wraiths, having fire-based attacks instead of frost. Upon death, or after 60 seconds, it will explode, inflicting damage to any creature within range including the Dragonborn.


  • It is not affected by Atromancy or Necromancy perks.
  • The head of the Fire Wyrm is that of a spectral Frost Dragon.
  • Sometimes, if there is no one for it to fight, the Fire Wyrm will aimlessly float on the spot or into a wall until it dies.
  • The Shout itself does not need to kill the target in order for the Wyrm to be summoned; if the target is still taking fire damage from the shout while being killed via other means, the Wyrm will still be summoned.
  • More than one Wyrm may be summoned and used in the same battle.


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  •  PC   XB1   Occasionally, the Fire Wyrm will remain floating above the corpse despite enemies still being present. It will continue floating there without moving anywhere until its time runs out.
  •  PC   360   The Fire Wyrm may become hostile towards the Dragonborn's follower or horse or the Dragonborn themselves.
  •  PC   The game may completely freeze after a Fire Wyrm dies.


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