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Firemoth Region is an archipelago found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is added by the official plug-in Siege at Firemoth.


The region consists of small chain of islands in Inner Sea located west of Seyda Neen and south of Hla Oad. The Nerevarine can get there by a transport boat run by Silm-Dar during the "Siege at Firemoth" quest or simply by swimming to it from the southwest of Vvardenfell.

The islands are made of bare volcanic stone and there is no vegetation except for Marshmerrow, Trama Root and trunks of a dead trees.

The only major structure in the whole region is the abandoned Fort Firemoth and its fortifications. At the time the Nerevarine arrives, the islands are widely inhabited by skeletons. Beneath the fort is a mine with large Ebony ore veins and an ancient tomb.


Siege at FiremothEdit




Firemoth Sunny
  • Although the archipelago is in stormy weather almost all the time, there are spells of calm weather on the northeastern part because of its proximity to the Bitter Coast region.
  • There are no creatures of any kind inhabiting the waters around archipelago with the exception of the northeast region.
  • Due to the composition of the islands, it is likely that they are the remnants of a volcano that formed a caldera.


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