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Firewood are miscellaneous items in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Firewood can be chopped at wood chopping blocks found in many cities, settlements, farms and camps throughout Skyrim, and can also be found lying about. Firewood can either be sold directly to merchants for 2 Gold or turned in to mill workers and innkeepers, who accept them for 5 Gold a piece. Firewood is also used to upgrade some weapons at grindstones (e.g. common bows). In the first add-on, Dawnguard, firewood is used to craft arrows, bolts and the crossbow.

A Woodcutter's Axe or the Poacher's Axe must be present in the Dragonborn's inventory to be able to chop wood.

Every time the firewood chopping animation is activated, two pieces of firewood are produced.

Rarely, firewood can be found and picked up like normal loot in Dragonborn and Dawnguard. There are twenty-two of them in Highpoint Tower, for example, and some can be found in the ruins in the Volkihar Dungeons.

Followers can be commanded to chop firewood and carry it. They can carry firewood beyond their maximum weight capacity if the Dragonborn continues to instruct them to chop the firewood.

Locations to turn in firewood[]

Character Location Hold
Hod Riverwood Whiterun Hold
Hulda Whiterun (The Bannered Mare) Whiterun Hold
Temba Ivarstead The Rift
Grosta Heartwood Mill The Rift
Ganna Uriel Kynesgrove Eastmarch
Gilfre Mixwater Mill Eastmarch
Hjorunn Solitude Sawmill Haafingar
Horgeir Dragon Bridge Haafingar
Hroggar Morthal Hjaalmarch
Jorgen Morthal Hjaalmarch
Hert Half-Moon Mill Falkreath Hold
Aeri Anga's Mill The Pale


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  • If the firewood is pickpocketed off of somebody while they are holding it, it will not disappear from their arms.