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The First Era, also called the First Age,[1] was a time period lasting 2920 years. This article is a chronological record of First Era events, from the founding of the Camoran Dynasty to the assassination of Emperor Reman Cyrodiil III.

First EraEdit

Undetermined date/works in progress

  • Daggerfall defeats the Akaviri Invasion ("If Daggerfall had not spent its first thousand years preparing for the battles of the next thousand years, it is indeed conceivable that the Iliac Bay today might be Akaviri.")[2]

1st CenturyEdit

1E 0Edit

1E 20Edit

1E 68Edit

  • The last visit from Atmora to Tamriel occurs: two ships, largely laden with corpses.[7]

2nd CenturyEdit

1E 113Edit

  • Harald is born. He later becomes the first Nordic ruler.[8][9]

1E 139Edit

1E 140Edit

  • Skorm Snow-Strider finds Forelhost devoid of life, the cultists previously inhabiting the fortress having slit their own wrists or been poisoned. He loses half his men to poisoned water found within the monastery.[10]

1E 143Edit

1E 198Edit

3rd CenturyEdit

1E 200Edit

1E 221Edit

1E 221+Edit

1E 222Edit

1E 227Edit

1E 240Edit

1E 240+Edit

  • At some point after 1E 240, King Gellir becomes High King of Skyrim and conquers the weakened Dwemer city states across the land.[15]

1E 242Edit

1E 243Edit

1E 246Edit

1E 263Edit

  • Several Ayleid princes continue to rule, as vassals of the new Empress.[24]

1E 266Edit

4th CenturyEdit

1E 340Edit

1E 355Edit

1E 358Edit

  • The Direnni Hegemony occurs, during which Skyrim loses significant amounts of land to the Direnni.[11]

1E 361Edit

  • Alessians gain control of the Empire, and enforce the Alessian Doctrines of Marukh throughout the Empire.[24][28]
  • Ayleid lordships are outlawed.[24]
  • Little resistance to this, and so most Ayleids simply left Cyrodiil, and many are absorbed into the native population of Elves in Valenwood.[24]

1E 369Edit

1E 376Edit

  • The traditional rule of Yokuda's emperors is overthrown. Each successive emperor, though they maintained the status of figurehead of the empire, had their powers very much reduced. Since then, 300 years of almost continuous civil war ensues between the Yokeda warlords, warrior monks and brigands, all fighting each other for land and power.[30]

1E 393Edit

5th CenturyEdit

1E 401Edit

1E 415Edit

1E 416Edit

1E 420Edit

1E 448Edit

  • Rislav Larich, the future King of Skingrad, is born to King Mhorus.[28]
  • Queen Lynada, Rislav's mother, dies shortly after giving birth to her son.[28]

1E 452Edit

1E 461Edit

1E 472Edit

  • The formerly warring Kingdoms of Skingrad and Kvatch declare peace.[28]
    • It can be presumed that the children, Rislav and Belene, daughter of King Justinius of Kvatch were married here to make peace.[28]

1E 477Edit

  • Clan Direnni gains control of significant portions of Hammerfell and Skyrim.[11]

1E 478Edit

  • Battle of Sungard: The High Chieftain of Skyrim (Kjoric the White) is killed by Emperor Gorieus.[28]
  • Rislav Larich is known to be in Kvatch, with Belene.[28]
  • A great plague sweeps through Cyrodiil, wiping out King Mhorus and the rest of the Larich family, excepting Dorald, who had survived, as he was in Imperial City, as a priest of Marukh.[28]
  • Dorald returns home and assumes the throne of King of Skingrad.[28]
  • Dorald cedes the kingdom of Skingrad to the Empire, as he had been taught by the Alessian monks of Marukh that "to resist the Empire was to resist the Gods."[28]
  • Rislav Larich rides from Kvatch with his wife and two dozen of the King of Kvatch's cavalry, they arrive at Skingrad and easily defeat the city's guards, as they hated the new ruler. He kills Dorald, and is crowned King of Skingrad.[28]
  • Rislav Larich vows to fight Emperor Gorieus, despite having little experience at either warfare or kingship. When Gorieus arrives, he tells him that his force is "too large for Skingrad" and to "Next time, write before you come."[28]
  • Rislav defeats the army of the Emperor, using archers to pick off an army that has no choice but to follow him.[28]
  • The Direnni clan is inspired by these events and starts making plans to rebel.[28]

1E 479Edit

1E 480Edit

1E 482Edit

1E 498Edit

  • End of the "Late Ayleid Period," as the Alessian Order gains power and influence while the Elves of High Rock lose it.[24][19]
  • The Direnni Clan falls out of power.[11]

6th CenturyEdit

1E 500Edit

  • A song is made about Wulfharth of Atmora. Following the death of King Hoag Merkiller of the Alessian armies at Glenumbria Moors, Wulfharth is made King following the Pact of Chieftains.[38][42]
  • High Rock is freed from Aldmeri tyranny around this time.[19]

7th CenturyEdit

1E 609Edit

  • King Thagore of Daggerfall defeats the army of Glenpoint.[2]
  • Daggerfall becomes "the preeminent economic, cultural, and military force in southern High Rock, a position the kingdom has precariously kept ever since."[2]
  • Mansel Sesnit becomes prominent in Redguard society.[30]

1E 617Edit

  • Mansel Sesnit is assassinated, and a commoner takes over the government. Randic Torn continues Sesnit's work, solidifying much of the Empire.[30]

1E 660Edit

  • Mauloch is defeated at the Battle of Dragon Wall at this time, and legend credits the eruption of Red Mountain eight years later to his ensuing rage.[43][20]

1E 668Edit

  • Historian Borgusilus Mailer theorizes that it was in this year that the Dwemer enclaves were called together by one of their powerful philosopher-sorcerers, possibly "Kagrenak," to embark on a great journey, one of such sublime profundity that they abandoned all their cities and lands to join the quest to foreign climes as an entire culture.[44]
  • Red Mountain erupts, and the Sun's Death occurs.[20]
  • It is supposed that the "Sun's Death" event greatly affected the Nirnroot plant species.[45]

1E 675Edit

8th CenturyEdit

1E 700Edit

1E 720Edit

1E 734Edit

  • Frandar's father dies.[30]

1E 737Edit

1E 750Edit

  • By this approximate year, Frandar Hunding has won over ninety battles; having killed his opponents in each, he is deemed "virtually invincible with a sword."[30]

1E 760Edit

1E 771Edit

1E 776Edit

  • Divad Hunding leaves the Hall of the Virtues of War in anger, breaks his swords, and vows to "become an acrobat in a traveling circus."[51]

1E 780Edit

1E 792Edit

9th CenturyEdit

1E 800Edit

  • It is suggested that Wayrest was founded at around this time.[53]

1E 803Edit

1E 808Edit

1E 874Edit

10th CenturyEdit

1E 907Edit

1E 937Edit

  • Gaiden Shinji (Blademaster) is quoted as saying "The best techniques are passed on by the survivors."[60]

1E 948Edit

  • First official historical reference to Wayrest, a letter by King Joile, to Gaiden Shinji of the Order of Diagna, which reads: "The Orcs have been much plaguing the Wayresters and impeding traffic to the heart of that land."[53]

1E 950Edit

1E 973Edit

1E 980Edit

1E 983Edit

1E 989Edit

  • Wayrest has a significant boost in population and size, growing from a small village to a large city.[11]

11th CenturyEdit

1E 1030Edit

1E 1033Edit

12th CenturyEdit

1E 1100Edit

  • Farangel Gardner, from a successful mercantile family, is proclaimed as the first King of Wayrest after being accepted by ambassadors from the Camorian Empire. The city would then have four major dynasties in later times: that of Gardner, Cumberland, Horley, and finally Septim.[53]
  • Wayrest becomes a city-state.[11]

1E 1102Edit

1E 1188Edit

13th CenturyEdit

1E 1200Edit

  • The Middle Dawn begins.[UL 2]
  • The Marukhati Selective accidentally (or purposefully) create a Dragon Break that lasts one thousand and eight years. The few texts that survive this period are known to conflict with each other greatly due to the lack of a linear timeline.[47][UL 2]

1E 1250Edit

14th CenturyEdit

1E 1301Edit

15th CenturyEdit

1E 1427Edit

  • Battle of Duncreigh Bridge: The "famous victory" of Anticlere's Duke over the neighboring hamlet of Sensford is celebrated in High Rock each year by the people marching down Sensford's main street. This results in numerous injuries on both sides, even when it doesn't provoke a brief war between the two "knightly orders" of the two villages. The battle itself achieved nothing, because both villages still boast about their ruling families' antique lineage.[19]

23rd CenturyEdit

1E 2200Edit

1E 2208Edit

  • The Middle Dawn ends.[UL 2]
  • After one thousand and eight years of conflicting nonlinear time, the Dragon Break ends.[47]

1E 2260Edit

24th CenturyEdit

1E 2305Edit

1E 2321Edit

1E 2331Edit

  • After ten years of warfare, the War of Righteousness comes to an end[9]

28th CenturyEdit

1E 2702Edit

1E 2703Edit

1E 2704Edit

  • The Reach is split between High Rock and Skyrim by Reman Cyrodiil in order to stop the Reachmen from forming plots against him, and to stop any one entity or group from gaining full control over the region's silver mines.[UL 3]
  • Reman Cyrodiil solidifies his control over his territories.[22]

1E 2714Edit

1E 2762Edit

1E 2790Edit

1E 2794Edit

29th CenturyEdit

1E 2801Edit

1E 2804Edit

1E 2805Edit

1E 2806Edit

1E 2809Edit

1E 2811Edit

1E 2812Edit

1E 2813Edit

  • Work on Alduin's wall slows when several craftsmen are dismissed from service.[79]
  • The language Cyrodilic replaces High Elven as the dominant language for legal documents in Tamriel.[11]

1E 2815Edit

  • Grandmaster of the Dragonguard visits Sky Haven Temple, to investigate rumors of the cost of Alduin's Wall, and consequently writes a Writ of Requisition for more supplies.[79]

1E 2816Edit

  • General Bucco's legion is depleted to a mere six cohorts. Reinforcements are brought in to aid his conquest but are instead used to build a supply highway.[81]

1E 2818Edit

1E 2820Edit

1E 2823Edit

  • General Sardecus reacquires all the territory lost in General Bucco's retreat.[83]

1E 2828Edit

  • A widespread forest fire, later known as the "Great Burn" occurs in Black Marsh, forcing General Sardecus to retreat from the region. Sardecus dies in the process.[84]
  • General Lucinia Falco is placed in command of the legion shortly after Sardecus' death.[85]

1E 2833Edit

  • The "Falco Doctrine" is put in full effect, completely revising the Imperial battle-plan in the Blackwater War.[85]

1E 2834Edit

  • The Blackwater War evolves into a guerrilla conflict.[85]

1E 2836Edit

  • The Argonians inexplicably stop fighting and return to their homes, bringing an informal end to the Blackwater war.[85]

1E 2837Edit

  • The Second Empire annexation of Argonia is complete, officially creating the province of Black Marsh.[63][85]

1E 2840Edit

1E 2843Edit

1E 2851Edit

1E 2871Edit

1E 2877Edit

1E 2899Edit

30th CenturyEdit

1E 2903Edit

1E 2911Edit

1E 2917Edit

1E 2920Edit


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