"At dawn's light, the rebel army was in sight of the gleaming spires of Firsthold. Friar Lylim gathered together every soldier who knew even the rudimentary secrets of Mysticism, who knew how to tap in to the elementary conundrums and knots of the energies of magicka."
Maveus Cie[src]

The Firsthold Revolt was a revolution in the city-state of Firsthold. The battle was in response to Morgiah assuming the throne of Firsthold as the Queen, the conflict is in made in the attempt to have her leave the Kingdom, considering the xenophobia the High Elves have against the mainland races. The attack was orchestrated by Lady Gialene, the Princess of Skywatch who was sent to Firsthold to become the next Queen of Firsthold. Morgiah had become the Queen of Firsthold by resurrecting King Reman Karoodil's son, so that the King of Firsthold can witness his son once more. Gialene had convened with Friar Lylim in secret, the leader of the Trebbite Monks, to create a plan to force Morgiah out of the throne.[1]

King Reman Karoodil was not present in Firsthold at the time; he had traveled to the Abecean Sea north of Firsthold where he had to deal with the pirates of Calluis Lar. The Firsthold Revolt had begun several days after King Karoodil had left the capital, the Trebbite Monks and the residents of Auridon had rallied against the city-state of Firsthold. The revolutionaries were more significant in numbers than the Firsthold Royal Army, and so Morgiah gathered the Court of Firsthold to plan the defense against the Trebbite Monks. Lady Gialene and her servant, Kael were present at the meeting. Morgiah had told her court that she would utilize fire magic against the offense. Gialene would send the message to Friar Lylim that the Firsthold Guard would use fireballs in their attack, and so the Monks had used the powers of Mysticism to repel the attack. However, Morgiah had instead used an arrow storm in the attack, quickly defeating the Trebbite Monks and Friar Lylim. Firsthold had been saved due to the cunning Morgiah. In the end, Kael was executed for treason, and Lady Gialene was forced back to Skywatch. Morgiah continued to rule as the Queen of Firsthold.[1]


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