Fish Species

Fish Species

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Fish are aquatic creatures found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Habitats, behavior, and biologyEdit

Salmon are one of the common fish in Skyrim and are found either swimming up waterfalls or in non-moving puddles. 

Smaller fish such as the Abecean Longfin and Cyrodilic Spadetail tend to school together to increase their appearance size in hopes to deter predators. Males are usually more brightly colored and display fancier tails to attract females.

Slaughterfish are the only species that are extremely aggressive and will go after larger prey, even unsuspecting travelers and swimmers. They have razor sharp teeth and will attack in small groups. Salmon and slaughterfish are the only fish that lay eggs; the rest give live births. You can easily find slaughterfish eggs along lake beds and streams.


Fish meat and their respective parts are used as both food and alchemical ingredients. Salmon is among the common fish eaten, its meat cut into steaks and cooked with salt.

The eggs and scales of Slaughterfish, River Betty, Histcarp, and other fish are commonly used to make potions with effects ranging from waterbreathing to stamina restoration.

Some fish can be put in a fish hatchery with the construction of a house with Hearthfire DLC installed.

Fish speciesEdit

Other aquatic speciesEdit


  • All types of fish can be shot at with arrows. They will float to the surface when 'dead' and can be picked up and moved around or harvested.
  • Using the Unrelenting Force shout or area of effect Destruction spells such as Ice Storm is a good way to catch fish en masse, as they will float to the surface and be much easier to collect. Salmon killed this way will also produce Salmon Roe (only with Hearthfire).
  • All living fish in Skyrim are "immoveable" and the Dragonborn will collide with them. It should also be noted that while landing in deep water will always break any fall, if however one is unfortunate enough to actually land on a fish it will have the same consequence as if landing on solid ground.

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