Fisherman's Camp: Slaughterfish Bay is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is located northwest of Wreck of the Winter War, and east of Snow Veil Sanctum.


It is a small abandoned camp used by two male Nord fishermen, Skeggr and Advard. On the sea floor directly underneath the upturned boat is some loot. Floating underwater nearby are the skeletons of Skeggr and Advard, which drift away after they are looted.

According to the Fisherman's Journal, Advard persuaded Skeggr to stay at this camp where they would fish, tell stories and enjoy drinking. The next day, the two friends died while out fishing in Slaughterfish Bay. Skeggr's boat took on water and overturned, tipping the men into the sea where they were attacked and eaten by slaughterfish.

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  • Advard and Skeggr might have been residents of Windhelm, as Advard states in his journal "...we could have done that in front of a nice fire back in Windhelm..."



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