Fit to Rule is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige needs to gather supplies for a Bosmer ceremony.


Queen Ayrenn must complete the ratification ceremony if her allies are to accept her as leader of the Aldmeri Dominion. At the heart of the ceremony is the Orrery, an ancient Ayleid artifact.

Quick walkthroughEdit

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The Vestige must speak to Prince Naemon in the Elden Root Throne Room. He is standing by the tables to the left. When asked, he will say that he thinks the ratification ceremony to please the Silvenar and the Mane is ridiculous. Ambassador Tarinwe tried to sabotage the ceremony, but they cannot cancel it, as doing so would make Queen Ayrenn look weak. The prince asks the Vestige to speak to Meleras about completing the ceremony.

Meleras is standing to Naemon's right, but he is so short, compared to the High Elf Naemon, that he can be hard to see. They need to find an operator, a "divine spark," and an Ayleid source of power. The "divine spark" will be Rajhin's Mantle, and the source of power is the Heart of Anumaril.

To retrieve these missing items, the Vestige needs to complete three additional quests. The quest marker for "Fit to Rule" will direct them to the area, or the Vestige can explore Grahtwood and complete them on their own. The three quests are "A Lasting Winter" (Rahjin's Mantle), "Lost in Study"/"Heart of the Matter" (Heart of Anumaril) and "The Grip of Madness."

"Lost in Study"/Heart of the Matter is located in the "Reliquary Ruins."

Once these quests are complete the Vestige needs to go back to the Throne Room and speak to Meleras. The parts have already been placed in the Orrery, and Conservator Dareneth is waiting below. The work has been completed just in time for the Queen's arrival. 

Where to find the missing partsEdit


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