Not to be confused with Five Hundred Companions or The Companions.

The Five Companions were the five members of the last Emperor Varen Aquilarios' inner circle.


The following is a list of all the members of the Five Companions:[1]

Main membersEdit

Other membersEdit


  • Cadwell – While not a member, Cadwell does assist the Companions, and later on shows up in the Harborage.
  • Meridia – A Daedric Prince, Meridia assists the Companions in their goal of defeating Molag Bal.


Formed by an Interregnum Emperor of Tamriel, Varen Aquilarious, the Five Companions set out to locate the Amulet of Kings, and use it in a ritual to make Varen into a Dragonborn, so that he may legitimize his claim to the Ruby Throne. However, the ritual was actually an orchestrated plot by the dark necromancer Mannimarco to destroy the veil between Nirn and Oblivion to allow Molag Bal himself to attempt to merge Nirn with Coldharbour by using the Dark Anchors, a vast network of interplanar machines designed to move entire worlds. The event was known as the Soulburst, and heralded the beginning of the Planemeld.



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