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Fjola's Wedding Band

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|image = Silverring.png
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|value = 150
|class = [[Rings (Skyrim)|Ring]]
|id = {{ID|000D3BDB}}
'''Fjola's Wedding Band''' is a [[Rings (Skyrim)|ring]] and [[Quest Items (Skyrim)|quest item]] in {{Skyrim}}.
'''Fjola's Wedding Band''' is a ring and quest item obtained during a miscellaneous quest given by [[Christer]] inside [[Mistwatch]].
Fjola's Wedding Band is obtained during a miscellaneous quest given by [[Christer]] inside [[Mistwatch (Skyrim)|Mistwatch]]. If the [[Last Dragonborn|Dragonborn]] chooses to get rid of Christer for [[Fjola]], she'll present them with this gift. It is also possible to kill her to obtain the ring.
If the Dragonborn tells Christer that Fjola is dead, he will tell the Dragonborn to keep the ring.
If the player chooses to get rid of Christer for [[Fjola]], she'll present you this gift.
===[[Forgetting about Fjola]]===
When the Dragonborn approaches the Mistwatch fort there are approximately four bandits of varying difficulty named Mistwatch [[Bandits (Skyrim)|Bandit]]. Upon entering the fort, walk up the steps on the left side to reach the drawbridge and pull the lever to lower the bridge, walk over and enter the North Tower.
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