Flashing is Prince Attrebus' sword. He used it during the Umbriel Crisis to fight the many threats that Sul and him faced.


Prince Attrebus was ambushed and kidnaped by Radhasa. He fooled Rahasa promising that he wouldn't run if she let him take a bath. Keeping his word, Attrebus did not run, instead he launched himself toward Flashing's hilt. Unlike his previous fight with Radhasa, she easily dodged Attrebus' attacks. Attrebus finally understood that she had lost on purpose previously, and the prince began to believe it was true that he was not the mighty warrior the bards told. If it hadn't been for Sul he would have been caught again.[1]

The next time Attrebus unsheathed his sword was to face the masked men that attacked him in The Gaping Frog inn in Water's Edge. Attrebus thrust one of the attackers with Flashing, catching him in the ribs. Lespa and other Khajiits joined the fight to aid the prince.[2]

While he was in the Hunting Grounds he drew Flashing to face a bear. He made a wild stroke, and staggered aside as the bear lunged for his throat. After a short fight, he took Flashing back up and chopped though its neck.[3]

Once Sul and Attrebus arrived to where Vivec City had once stood, they were attacked by Argonian zombies. They were finally captured by the zombies.[4]

Once Sul and Attrebus discovered Umbra was being held by Elhul Sathil, Attrebus faced him wielding Flashing. After an intense fight, Sul managed to cast a spell that dissolved Elhul.[5]

The last time Attrebus had to wield Flashing during the Umbriel Crisis was to face Vuhon in the Ingenium. He finally decided to spare his life in order to avoid Umbriel falling into the Imperial City.[6]



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