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The Flesh Atronach appears as a sewn-together conglomeration of skin and muscle adorned with mystical symbols and wearing an iron collar. A prime example of this would be the Gatekeeper.


They are usually found inhabiting underground ruins, or guarding the entrance to said ruins. The Flesh Atronach will defend the areas it is set to guard until it is destroyed.


While technically golems, Flesh Atronachs appear to play host to the souls and spirits of many other Daedra, as shown by the Shivering Isles quest "Rebuilding the Gatekeeper." It is later discovered that Relmyna Verenim was the creator of Flesh Atronachs after her discovery of the element Flesh. These golems are used by Sheogorath himself as guardians to his plane of Oblivion.


Flesh Atronachs are completely impervious to diseases and poisons, and are highly resistant to fire and frost. Shock magic affects them adversely, and appears to be their largest weakness.

Combat stylesEdit

The Purple and Red varieties seem to possess innate magic abilities, including healing and fireballs. Flesh Atronachs are also very flexible and acrobatic in their melee fighting style. They are able to perform very high kicks and leap long distances towards their foe.


There are five varieties of Flesh Atronach: Mangled, Torn, Stitched, Sewn, and Mended. While mangled and mended Flesh Atronachs can easily be identified from afar by their gem colours, Torn, Stitched, and Sewn Atronachs all have the same gem color. A unique visual feature of this creature is the energy spots located on its body. These colored areas seem to glow with an inner light and denote the power of the Atronach. In increasing order of magnitude, these seem to be yellow, purple, and red. The function for these spots (if any) is still a mystery, but from some observations it is concluded to be a magic-dampening gland of some kind.


  • Mangled Flesh Atronach – Starting from level 1–3
  • Torn Flesh Atronach – Starting from level 6
  • Stitched Flesh Atronach – Starting from level 11
  • Sewn Flesh Atronach – Starting from level 16
  • Mended Flesh Atronach – Starting from level 21

Soul levelsEdit

  • Mangled Flesh Atronach – Lesser (300)
  • Torn Flesh Atronach – Lesser (300)
  • Stitched Flesh Atronach – Common (800)
  • Sewn Flesh Atronach – Greater (1200)
  • Mended Flesh Atronach – Grand (1600)

Unique variantsEdit

General statsEdit







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