"Eveli wants to help the Orcs, but I'm not going in there! Not with all those Winterborn marauders!"

Flies-In-Wind is an Argonian found in Wrothgar. She was a part of the caravan heading towards the city of Orsinium, but got ambushed by the Winterborn. She can be first found near the ambushed caravan, nearby the Merchant's Gate.


Long Live the King

At Kurog's funeral:

"I have never attended a funeral before. Things like this, they don't happen where I come from."

After Kurog's funeral:

"Orcs and their kings. They're almost as bad as the Bretons and High Elves. Spatter mud on their clothes and they need to have them cleaned, just like the rest of us."

In the main hall:

"To Kurog's lifeless body, long may it rot!"


  • "There were dozens—no, hundreds! We were attacked by hundreds of Winterborn."


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