Flurry is an active skill in the Dual Wield skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is unlocked at Dual Wield Rank 2.


"Flood an enemy with steel, battering with five consecutive attacks that each deal ___ Physical Damage."
"The final hit deals 300% more damage."


Rapid Strikes Rapid Strikes – Each hit increases the damage of the subsequent hit. Bloodthirst Bloodthirst – Heals you for a percentage of the caused by the final hit.
"The final hit deals 300% more damage and heals you for 60% of the damage caused."


  • Update 2: This ability now properly animates even if the first tick is dodged.[1]
  • Update 2: Increased the damage executed by the last hit by 10%.[1]
  • Update 5: Rapid Strike now deals 2% increased damage per hit instead of increasing your attack speed.[2]
  • Update 6: Reduced the damage of this ability by 8%.[3]
  • Update 7: The Shadow Cloak ability will no longer be removed by a number of abilities, including this one, when you successfully avoid their damage, though note that taking damage from this ability will still remove you from stealth.[4]
  • Update 7: The Shadow Cloak ability, and its morphs, will now correctly cancel an attacker's channel for several abilities, including this one [4]
  • Update 10: Blinding Flurry was renamed to Bloodthirst has been redesigned so it now heals you for 60% of the damage done with the final hit.



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