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The Fly Amanita is a common species of mushroom known to grow in abundance all throughout the Imperial City and Cyrodiil in general, although it is known to survive in harsher environments, such as the province of Skyrim. Fly Amanita Caps are harvested from these mushrooms and are frequently used as alchemical ingredients. The mushrooms usually grow in clusters of two to six, most often with a round and flat spotted red cap, with younger specimens appearing stubby with a convex, umbrella-shaped cap.

Fly Amanita mushrooms are usually of far less alchemical use for all but the most experienced alchemists (Journeyman-level or higher), as a moderately high level of skill is required to make use of its Restore Health property.

The easiest place to find these mushrooms is at the graveyard surrounding the Imperial City Palace, where they grow in abundance. It is mysterious, however, that so many of these mushrooms could be found in such a place instead of Cairn Boletes, which are traditionally known to grow around gravesites.


  • Fly Amanita is the common name for the real-world Amanita muscaria species, a psychoactive and potentially toxic kind of mushroom.
  • The alchemical properties of Fly Amanita differ in Oblivion and Skyrim.


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