Following a Lead is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Lucien Lachance says it is time to confront the one behind the plot to kill the Black Hand and sends the Hero to Anvil.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Go to Anvil and head to the statue surrounded by water. Behind the statue is a barrel. Stand in the general area for a few minutes and a wood elf named Enilroth will show up. Once he has dropped off the "orders," question him. He'll plead that he's innocent and that someone who lives in the Anvil Lighthouse basement told him to drop off the orders. He will also mention that a terrible smell emanates from the door of the cellar.

Head to the lighthouse and speak to the keeper, Ulfgar Fog-Eye. Demand the key for the basement from him, and he'll give it up without a fight. Go back out and enter the basement. Grab the Traitor's Diary and go back to Applewatch.

Already waiting there are four members of the Black Hand surrounding the dead, mutilated body of Lucien Lachance. Arquen approaches the Hero and informs them that Lucien's death creates an opening within the Black Hand itself, promotes them to the rank of Speaker, and gives them the Black Hand Hood and Black Hand robe. She instructs them to wait and speak with her about the Night Mother between the hours of 12:00AM and 3:00AM. Doing so will complete the quest.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

I have been confronted by Lucien Lachance, who told me I have inadvertently been killing off the members of the Black Hand! I must now travel to the city of Anvil. Once there, I should wait near the barrel behind the statue in the pond, and see who comes to set up this fake dead drop. I must then confront this person and find out why they've been tampering with my contracts.

  • Update: After confronting the wood elf:

I spoke with Enilroth, a Wood Elf boy who was paid by a "robed man" to put the dead drop items in the barrel by the pond. Enilroth told me the man had been living in the cellar of the Anvil Lighthouse, but recently left. This robed man must be the traitor! I must speak with Ulfgar Fog-Eye, the Lighthouse keeper, and see if he can be persuaded to part with a key to the cellar...

  • Update: After entering the Anvil lighthouse Cellar:

I have gained entry to the Anvil Lighthouse cellar. I must now search the cellar for some clue to the Dark Brotherhood traitor's identity, or motives.

  • Update: After finding the diary:

I have discovered the Traitor's Diary. He has been in the Dark Brotherhood for years, and is now a member of the Black Hand! His goal is revenge against Lucien Lachance and all of the Brotherhood for the murder of his mother when he was a child, and he actually plans on killing the Night Mother! I must return to Lucien Lachance at once, at the farm called Applewatch, and give him this information!

  • Update: After finding Lucien dead:

Lucien Lachance is dead, killed by the surviving members of the Black Hand, who don't even realize the real traitor is still among them! They have advanced me to Speaker, in Lachance's place. Between the hours of midnight and 3:00 AM, I must speak with Arquen about the Night Mother, and all of the Black Hand -- including me -- will be teleported to the Night Mother's resting place, for some ancient ritual. I must do as Arquen says, so that I might expose the traitor...

  • Update: After speaking with Arquen:

I have spoken to Arquen, and the Black Hand has been teleported to the site of the ritual.

  • Quest complete

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Taking the head found in the Anvil Lighthouse and dropping it on the floor in Applewatch will provoke a reaction from Mathieu Bellamont.
  • The last Dead Drop which Enilroth puts in the barrel can be read. According to it, Arquen was the next target.
  • Enilroth will not pay the Hero for the previous contract. He does carry the reward, however, and can be killed or pickpocketed for it.

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